The most awesome animals you want to spot in the Blue Mountains

If you are traveling to the Blue Mountains area, then discovering the more natural side of Australia is definitely in your plans. If you are like me, you get extremely exited any any sight of an animal in the wild, so we figured we would create a short list for you highlighting some of the animals you are likely to see while exploring the trekking tracks dispersed throughout the whole area.

As usual, we love creating unique traveling experiences for all out clients. We have many years of experience arranging coach tours and mini-bus transfers for groups and individual alike, if you are thinking of visiting Australia, remember you can always contact us with your questions, we would love to help you choose the best itinerary for your trip! In the meanwhile, let’s see some of the areas’ fauna that could be waiting for you around the blue mountain area of Australia:

Spotted-tailed quoll

spotted tailed quollin picture

This cute little creature, also known as the ‘tiger quoll’ because of the patterns of it’s fur (mixture between spots and stripes), is a small marsupial that feeds mostly on insects, snakes, eggs and pretty much anything else it can find which is of animal origin, he is one of the few carnivorous species of marsupials that exists (the biggest of these animals being the famous Tasmania devil).

These creatures live exclusively on the east coast of Australia, particularly in the woodlands surrounding the blue mountains. The fact they are nocturnal might prove slightly counterproductive when it comes to spotting them during the day, the good news however, is that when mother’s are raising their young, they tend to do so during the day while the males rest. So, as a matter of fact, if you ever spot these critters, in all likeability you’ll catch the mum playing with her young which is definitely a better picture situation.


Could we really talk about Australian wildlife without considering the land’s most famous ‘bear’? Of-course not! These guys are certainly not the easiest to spot in the wild, they like staying on top of the canopy and are certainly the quiet type. That said, nothing tells you you won’t come across one of these iconic creatures while they are feeding on the highest trees.

Long-nosed potoroo


Consider yourself extremely lucky if you ever come across this small marsupial in the wild. They are both very cautious and shy creatures (not to mention the fact they are mostly nocturnal) that hardly come out during the day. That said, I thought I would take the time to mention the potoroo or ‘Kangaroo Rat’ since it’s such a charismatic creature of the forest, and mot very well known either!

Blue Mountain water skink

 water skink in the blue mountains on top of a log

This small reptile (which like many of the critters in this list can only be found in this particular area of the country) is one of the most endangered creatures in this list, so do indeed keep an eye for it! As their name suggests, they tend to concentrate around lakes and streams in the blue mountain region of Australia, exclusively!

In case you fail to spot any of the amazing little examples of the wildlife that populate the blue mountains, worry not! Here’s a list of some of the biggest wild life sanctuaries you can find in Sydney:

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