Travel Sydney Series: Balmain Bus Charter

Travel Sydney Series Balmain Bus Charter

Are you planning a trip to the suburb of Balmain in Sydney? At Transport Network Australia, we prioritise transport convenience for all our customers at the most competitive rates. Coach bus hire is the best alternative you can have, if you are travelling in a group of friends or family, to check out these attractions.

About Balmain

Balmain is an affluent community with a laid-back lifestyle and a trendy restaurant scene. Along with eateries, artisan bakeries and boutique stores, there are relaxed cafes and pubs occupying Victorian buildings in Darling Street. It was initially a place where industrial roots began, and it became established in working-class history and culture. The social history and status is of high significance to both New South Wales and Sydney.

Darling Street

One of the coolest shopping neighbourhoods in Australia is the harbourside venue of Darling Street, where you can travel on foot across Rozelle and Balmain markets, passing Leone Edmiston Vintage, duckeggBLUE, Alfie’s Store and hand-made jewellery at Juel. If you are here to get hands on some women’s designer wear, check out the Bella Emporio and Strelitzia. At the Balmain Markets, you can hunt for collectables, antiques, music, books and recycled fashion.

Wild Horse Mountain Lookout

If you want to get the panoramic view of the skyline, the Wild Horse Mountain Lookout is a perfect destination. Located just off the Bruce Highway near Caboolture, the turnoff is located 30 kms north of Brisbane. Standing 123 metres above sea level, the mountain has been named after the wild brumbies.

Ballast Point Park

Formerly known as the Jules Verne Park, the Ballast Point Park had its beginnings in the 18th century. The section of the park open to public includes picnic areas, parties, water play area and playground. There’s an informal, small concession at the Pier, Taste of Boston, serving American food, ice cream and seafood. To get a breathtaking panoramic view across Moreton Islands and Pumicestone Passage, you need to walk the steep 700 metres paved uphill pathway. The unique shape of the Glasshouse Mountains stretches across the horizon, while the forest stretches below as a sea of green.

The Riverview

Rozelle and Balmain have more than their share of old wharfie haunts, back-street locals and old man pubs. Catering to an upmarket crowd, the Riverview Hotel is one of the key highlights. Its glossy red doors and charcoal paint job are straight out of England’s picture book. Get a serving of beef or a lamb shank pie paired with a heavenly carrot puree, topped with rosemary jus and some broccolini. Sunday is all about the beef roast and Yorkshire pudding.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Previously known as the Sydney Wildlife World, the Wildlife Sydney Zoo is a park in the heart of the city. It is located next to Madame Tussauds and Sydney Aquarium. The zoo is divided into 10 zones, containing exhibits such as Koala Rooftop, Kakadu Gorge, Kangaroo Walk About, Daintree Rainforest, Wallaby Cliffs, Gumtree Valley, Devil’s Den and Butterfly Tropics. The zoo won the Award for the best family-focused tourism at one of tourism awards in 2007.

Hampton Villa

Hampton Villa is a modestly elegant villa that contrasts with a larger and more decorative neighbour, Ewenton. The villa exemplifies the Post-Regency style described by Kate Smith and Bernard as possessing classical proportions and clean lines in the treatment of doors and windows, a dominating rectangularity. Typical of these styles are the louvred French windows, stone-flagged verandah and bare stone walls. The classical pediment and the Tuscan columns at the front entrance are also typical of the 1840s.

Dawn Fraser Baths

Dawn Fraser Baths is known to be the oldest pool in Australia that was built in the early 1880s, and is home to both the Balmain Swimming and Water Polo Clubs. They operate weekly throughout the season. The baths is a tidal flow salt water pool, and children can indulge in building sandcastles at low tide. The beaches may be closed if the water quality is not standard after heavy rains. This is an ideal location for a memorable and unique way to rejoice an occasion and create an ambiance with a difference.

Bits Of Australia

Located in the Balmain Mall in the heart of Darling Street, the Bits of Australia is one of the most wonderful shopping venues in Australia. It has the largest assortment of Australian made souvenirs and gifts in one place. They have more than 1000 products crafted in Australia, and it is a go-to place for authentic Australian gifts. You get everything from Merino Wool Blankets and Harbour Bridge Coat Hangers to Aboriginal artwork. These are just a taste of the Australian gifts, food, stationery, jewellery and homewares. The organisation works with more than 100 Australian manufacturers and makers with regular addition of new products.

Goat Island

Goat Island is a place of historical significance in Port Jackson. The local Cadigal people refer to it as Me-mel, and it was once inhabited by Barangaroo and Bennelong. The Goat Island has played an important role in developing the city scape of Sydney, since European settlement. In the 1800s, the island was primarily used as a gunpowder storage depot and a home for convict work gangs. One of the key highlights here is the Queen’s Magazine that was built in 1830s by offenders using sandstone mined  from the eastern section of the island. It was used for storing explosives. Later, the island became a site of the first harbour fire brigade and water police station. It also serves as a shipyard, and in more recent years it has been a location for concerts and filming, including the popular TV series Water Rats.

The Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods in Balmain is a paradise for those in quest of nourishing environment, health and nutrition. More than 300 raw products are available here for buying.  Explore the benefits of diversifying your diet, indulge with chunks of organic dark chocolate and re-utilize bottles from one of the numerous drums of nectar or oil. Most of the products sold here are organic, with many goods produced in Australia. This unique concept is worth all the praises.

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