8 Best Student Excursion Ideas For Melbourne

Student excursions offer valuable real-life learning experiences that can complement standard class room instructions. There are many awesome places to take students throughout Melbourne, which is also a good alternative to Australia’s capital, Canberra. When you are planning for an excursion, always keep flexibility in mind. You should also map out your entire itinerary for a particular trip and be aware of potential travelling situations.

Although excursions provide great opportunities for students to explore a certain destination themselves, it is best that they stay in groups of no less than three for safety reasons and ensure that there is a supervising teacher available at all times. If you require excursion ideas that are suitable for students of all ages, read on to find out more!

The Shrine of Remembrance

Located at Birdwood Ave, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia, the Shrine of Remembrance is very relevant to any student excursion and provides an inspiring learning experience for all participants. Students stand to gain valuable insights into Australian history. The shrine was built after the First World War, which was also known as the war to end all wars. The shrine also provided a viable location for Victorian families and communities to grieve for those who had served and fallen during the war. At least they had a place to honour and preserve the memories of their loved ones.

The shrine provides an ideal environment for students to participate in programs that encourage remembrance of the sacrifice of Australia’s brave servicemen and women. In fact, all students who attend an excursion here will take part in a commemorative service.

Melbourne MuseumMelbourne Museum

Located at 11 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia, the Melbourne Museum explores many lively aspects of Victoria. Local and international students can learn more about Victoria’s natural environment, history and culture. This is also an award-winning museum that accommodates a permanent collection in eight galleries, which includes one just for children. One of the highlights you may expect is catching educational documentaries in their on-site IMAX theatre.

Mornington Peninsula Day Tour

Morning Peninsula is simply known as Melbourne’s holiday playground. It allows your student to take a break from lessons and enjoy amazing views from Arthurs Seat summit over the bay as well as its vast white sand beaches. There is also the splendour of farms, vineyards, holiday accommodations and a peaceful country lifestyle.

In this tour, your students get the chance to wander through strawberry fields and pick up juicy strawberries at the Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm. You may also arrange for your group to take a walk at the pristine Portsea back beach and settle down for a leisurely lunch at a café al-fresco.

Great Ocean Road Tours

How about a little sightseeing for a change? At Great Ocean Road Tours, you can arrange for your students to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Great Ocean Road. This trip includes a guided tour around the Great Otway National Park’s ancient rainforest. Also your students get the chance to wonder at the iconic and beautiful rock formations of Port Campbell National Park, which includes London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and 12 Apostles.

As a plus point to your students’ excursion, don’t forget to drop at Bells Beach to appreciate this internationally renowned surfing break and immerse yourselves in a bit of the local surfing culture. This beach is truly one of the world’s premier surfing spots that attract many surfers from around the globe.

Sovereign Hill

If your students are in favour of a detailed history lesson, head on to Sovereign Hill. This location successfully captures the excitement of the 1850s as your students and you visit past scenes of rebellion, revolt and the emergence of democracy at Sovereign Hill and Eureka. In 1850 – ‘Gold’ – The word focused on Ballarat as the cry of the aforementioned echoed around the world. People from all nations flocked to Ballarat due to the gold rush and to seek a fortune. Instead, many discovered the true Australia and decided to make the amazing land their home. In this tour, your students can capture the excitement of these interesting times.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Located at Private Bag 2000, Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra Victoria 3141, Royal Botanic Gardens is a great location for an excursion and provides excellent opportunities for students of any ages to enhance their understanding of environmentally related issues is a stimulating and safe outdoor setting. The location’s education services hope to develop strategic and adaptive curriculum based programs to assist education providers and create valuable and enjoyable learning experiences for students, be it students from a kindergarten or university.

SkiMt Buller Ski & Snowboard School

If you wish to deviate from standard academic curriculum, you may consider taking your students to Mt Buller Ski & Snowboard School. Mt Buller is the ideal location for visitors who want to interact with snow for the first time. It is a hassle-free three hour drive from Melbourne and your students can be up there enjoying breathtaking mountain village in next to no time.

Everyone should be able to remember their first snow outing with fun and amazement. For starters, lessons are a great way to learn the basics or develop advanced skills, which can help in your students’ personal development. Trained instructors from the school also help ensure that all activities are safe and controlled.


Taskworks is a unique activity centre that is perfect for children excursions. The centre aims to provide a safe, fun and hands-on experience where children and adults can interact, play and learn together. This centre was founded and is currently operated by Greg and Rose. The concept behind Taskworks was to address its concerns with children becoming glued to their TVs or in front computer screens. It wants to encourage kids to get out of their homes and work with other kids using their minds and bodies to complete, solve and create.

What’s more, Tasksworks’ six activity areas can promote the development of the following skills, including competitive spirit, creativity, initiative, leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and coordination skills.

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