Travel Perth Series: Northbridge Bus Hire

Travel Perth Series Northbridge Bus Hire

As Western Australia’s capital, Perth seldom disappoints as far as fun activities as well as places to visit are concerned.  It is a melting pot of fashion, food, adventure and culture. Chances are, you won’t finish what the city has to offer in one day. That is where we come in with our one of a kind Northbridge bus hire to let you explore this Perth suburb in its entirety.

Penguin Island

Made up of pristine beaches, tranquil air and turquoise blue waters, Penguin Island is without a doubt one of Perth’s best kept secrets. It lies 700 metres north of Rockingham, which is yet another Perth jewel you will enjoy visiting. The island boasts of breathtaking natural attraction as well as impressive views. There are penguins as the name suggests, but that’s not all. Once you’re here, you can swim and even snorkel to explore wonders of the underwater world. You can also enjoy a picnic with friends at the island’s sandy beaches or take time to explore scenic nature trails. You will also have a chance to watch penguin feeding sessions at 10:30 in the morning, 12:30pm and 2:30pm daily.

Barrack Street Jetty

It is one of Perth’s most popular hubs for sightseeing, relaxing and most importantly, dining. Make your evenings memorable by visiting this site to unwind after a crazy week at work.  The vicinity is full of bars, cafes and restaurants so you will have an easy time sampling different local and international cuisines. Expect cuisines like Aqua Bar, The Lucky Shag and Long Chim.  You can also grab a quick bite between lazy strolls along an enchanting waterfront.

There’s much more into Barrack Street Jetty apart from just food. There is for instance, the iconic Bell Tower, which is a popular tourist attraction in Perth. It is also an epicentre of Perth’s waterfront precinct. You can climb up the tower to enjoy picturesque 360 degree views of Perth City. You can also admire the tower from the ground as you make friends with the locals and other tourists.

Note that the tower houses several historic bells including Australia’s oldest bell which dates back from as early as 1550. You can ring the bell and white at it, record and send free video postcards from the top of the tower. Entrance charges range from $9 for children to $18 for adults.

Cottesloe Beach

It stretches for more than one kilometre along the West Australian Coastline. That is by all means a long stretch of scintillating awesomeness and a treat for your eyes. Expect nothing short of beautiful sandy beaches here contrasted by breathtaking turquoise waters. It is simply paradise as most tourists like to say.  You will get a chance to enjoy the beach and maybe even make friends with locals and tourists who frequent the beach anytime the weather allows. It gets better with the fact that the beach is just 30 minutes away from Perth CBD.

You can snorkel all you want with your loved ones. You can also enjoy taking pictures of the iconic floating bell which snorkelers use as a diving platform. Sunsets here are beyond words. Watch the sun go down as the sky changes colour to hues of orange and yellow. Think about sunset in paradise. Keep in mind too that there’s plenty of food on the menu as well as drinks.

The Perth Zoo

Who said zoos are just for children? Perth Zoo will redefine what you know about zoos. It will leave you with a memorable experience. Chances are, you will want to visit the zoo again and again. Home to more than 1000, animals, Perth Zoo will most likely put a smile on your face. There are several Australian species you cannot find anywhere else on earth but here.

The 17 acre zoo is by all means a wildlife paradise. It is divided in three main sections. There is the African Savannah section, The Asian Rainforest and The Australian Bushwalk.  This makes it easy for visitors to plan their routes for the day based on animals they would like to see. Giraffes, koalas, lions, wombats, emus, dingoes, crocodiles, orang-utans, lions and tigers are just but some of the animals you will see.

The Pinnacles Desert

2 hours from Perth CBD lies yet another Perth secret only a few know about – The Pinnacles Desert. There is a reason why the desert attracts more than 250,000 visitors each year. Geological formations that measure up to 5 metres in height will leave you amazed. You will also go through trails that will allow you to see what a real Australian desert looks like. Most of the geological formations in the desert have been around for more than 80,000 years, so there is much to see and learn here. Be sure to visit Caversham Wildlife Park as well as The Swan Valley on your way to the 190 hectare Pinnacles Desert.

Fremantle Markets

The market is perfect for clothes, accessories and of course, souvenirs. You can also buy fresh produce here. What makes the market interesting is its history, which dates back to 1879 when it was first opened. It has since remained open, serving both locals and tourists who spend most of their time over the weekend shopping for goods. There are also buskers at the market who provide entertainment during the day.

Kings Park

Kings Park and Botanic Garget is a haven for nature lovers. It covers more than 400 hectares of land. The fact that it is nestled right inside Perth makes it a must see, must visit park. It is actually one of the largest inner city parks in the world. Home to several cafes, restaurants and so many other value priced eateries, the park guarantees a good time with loved ones. There are playgrounds for children, so feel free to tag children along. There is also a State War Memorial and a State Botanic Garden with several unique native species to make your visit not just entertaining but also educative.

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