Featured Story: TNA Is Top Australian Provider For Accessible Travel On Wheels

If you are looking for leading providers that provide accessible travel on wheels, look no further than Transport Network Australia. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, and more, you will benefit from our Australian bus and coach hire services.

About Transport Network Australia

Transport Network Australia is the coach and mini bus charter expert you can trust in Australia. Since our inception, we have built an extensive industry network and experience that allows us to offer our clients solutions to charter and even chauffeur transport.

At TNA, our knowledgeable team has the capability to organize any project that may pertain to mini-bus hires (with a single driver), a medium-sized coach charter service (for less than ten passengers), or a large-sized coach charter service (for a corporate team that comprises 70 passengers!). That’s why TNA’s coverage is able to extend throughout every state and area of the country.

As mentioned, we have a large fleet of vehicles that comprise coaches, charter buses, and mini-buses. Our fleet allows you and your travel companions (or organisation) to tailor your journey to suit your needs. What’s more, we strive to offer the most appropriate level of luxury for your specific situation. We have also worked with renowned companies such as Google, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Subaru, etc., and that’s why you can rest assured that all vehicles include an experienced driver.

What is Accessible Travel?

For starters, accessible travel is part of a bigger term called accessible tourism. Since there is also no single, universally accepted definition of this type of tourism, it is basically tourism and travel that has been made accessible to all individuals, with disabilities or not, including those with psychosocial, intellectual, cognitive, sight, hearing, mobility, and more.

Today, our society has become more aware of the concept of the integration of people with disabilities. As long as safety concerns and physical limitations are properly addressed, what’s accessible to us should equally be accessible to those with disabilities.

At Transport Network Australia, our experienced and friendly team fully understands your requirements if you or a travel companion has a disability. We combine empathy and extensive knowledge with your personal needs, so that we can make accessible travel easy.

The Accessible Travel Features on TNA’s Buses

At TNA, our buses and coaches come with stellar features that make our clients’ accessible travel experience smooth and comfortable. For example, some of our buses are equipped with bench-like seats. Unlike having two separate seats, the seats in our wheelchair accessible vehicles are far roomier and more comfortable for an individual who has a disability.

To ensure the process of entering and exiting our vehicles is easy, our vehicles have been designed with ramp access. If you or your travel companion is using a wheelchair, you do not have to be lifted out of it. You can remain seated, and your wheelchair will be fixed and strapped in. What’s more, our manual or automated ramps can be attached to our buses at any time. That’s why you can choose to enter from the side or back entry, depending on which is the most convenient and easiest at the time.

At Transport Network Australia, we continually strive to equip our vehicles with the latest features needed to make accessible travel possible. You can rest assured that our buses also feature padded backrests, horizontal handrails, vertical standchion poles, and more.

Why You Should Travel with Transport Network Australia

Since 2007, TNA is Australia’s number one choice for organisations, companies, and individuals that require bus charter or coach hire services. What’s more, we offer accessible transport options that suit every occasion. No matter where you are situated in Australia; whether you are looking for a 14-seat mini-bus or a 70-seat coach; we’ve got you covered. You will also benefit from our services because you will be able to make your bookings in more than 2,000 cities and towns around the country.

If you wish to use Transport Network Australia as your provider for accessible travel, don’t hesitate to contact us today or simply use our quote form to get started.

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