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Use Minibus Charter In Melbourne To Explore These Entertainment Precincts In The City

With a number of exceptional bars, clubs and theatres across the city, Melbourne has got lots to offer in terms of entertainment, whether it’s a social catch-up or a late-night DJ session. You’ll be spoilt for choice, given the large number of live music venues, where bands cover everything from blues and jazz to rock and pop. Catch a Hollywood movie in one of the theatres or watch a comedy show live. There is so much you can do in this vibrant city, but make sure to choose Melbourne minibus charter for a convenient ride to these entertainment precincts.

Chaise Lounge

Tucked neatly in the Queen Street basement position, Chaise Lounge is certainly one of the longest existing cocktail spots in Melbourne. Given the expansive list of varietal cocktails and elegant décor, the lounge caters to both weekend clubbers and corporate people. Sit back, relax and experience the way the Chaise Lounge is, as one of the best hip hop bars, with everything to hear from Rock and Roll to hip and hop. Friday nights are the main attraction here with DJs from Culture King DJ Angel Jay, DJ Shook, DJ Kahlua and DJ Rcee making your feet tap, up until the early hours of morning.

Cherry Bar

Located in the central business district of the city down the AC/DC lane, the cherry bar is the sublime essence of the Melbourne rock scene, founded in 2000 by the famous drummer of the Cosmic Psychos. It is generally referred to as the sister club to Ding Dong, being a laneway icon with killer live tunes and Rock’n’Roll dose. Each week, a stellar line-up of band and DJs take the stage amid an enthusiastic crowd that goes wild with musical waves, and the dance floor heats up as the body lets of the steam.

The Astor

Travel back in time to experience an era when watching a film was considered to be a special occasion in 1930s. Relax yourself in the art deco surrounds, after strolling through the busy chapel street. Feel the nostalgia of the late 80s, watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and catch some of the big names of yesteryear, from Davis to Bogart.

Live Music Venues

Melbourne is the music capital of Australia, and its autonomous music scene comes to live every night in warehouses, clubs and pubs. This is the city where you will see everything from a moustached gentleman pecking an old countryside drink, to a kid wearing a skinny-jeaned indie and sweating it out to the tunes of local musicians.

The North part of the city, or more specifically, the Collingwood and Fritzroy region is home to some of the best live music precincts. Stroll past the Johnston Streets on a weeknight and be assured to be treated with eclectic mix of hardcore, indie, rock and jazz.

Move a little further away from the Brunswick Way to the Cornish Arms, the Retreat and The Spotted Mallard for some exemplary night gigs. Head to the High Street in Northcote to visit the best concert club in the city, Northcote Social Club, or grab the cosy bandroom of the Wesley Ann. Catch the touring acts of the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda and the Palais Theatre on the Southside, or join the young guns revelling at the Revolver Upstairs.

Dracula’s Comedy Cabaret Restaurant

Known to be the most successful theatre restaurant in Australia, the Dracula’s Comedy Cabaret is the longest existing one-of-its-kinds bistro that has entertained more than 3 million visitors over 3 decades. At a time when nobody thought that anything like this horror-themed comedy venue would work, it has been such a blockbuster. The minute you step into this place, the entertainment begins. You are welcomed at the door by exotic characters, who will lead you up the stairs directly to the ‘Graveyard’ Cocktail Lounge.

As you immerse yourself in a night of comedy, illusion, magic and puppetry, a wonderful 3-course dining experience awaits you in gothic luxury, with crazy antics of the unique performers and creepy waiters. At the conclusion of the show, dancing and cocktails are the mainstay to close a memorable evening.

The unique blend of mind blowing puppetry, comedy skits, Berlin Burlesque and novelty acts, along with an extra dose of live music is a real catalyst for the guests. You can also have souvenir photographs after the show, along with some shopping at the Shop of Horrors.

Crown Entertainment Complex

Occupying an area of two city blocks, the Crown Entertainment complex is itself a small metropolis with exceptional dining, shopping and entertainment options on the southern bank of Yarra River. This premier entertainment venue attracts more than 18 million visitors annually, offering an exceptional combination of luxury, hospitality and excitement.  It has as many as 40 restaurants, cinemas, cafes, amusement park and a couple of night clubs along with an entertainment theatre.

The fabulous black marbled Atrium with an attractive crystal ceiling along with special music and lighting effects make for an exceptional precinct worth a visit. It features one of the largest casinos in the southern Hemisphere, and is also home to sophisticated and modish luxury hotels, with Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade being the notable ones.

Shoppers have a choice to browse through the luxurious gallery of Burberry, Bulgari, Chanel and Prada, while the diners can have an amazing experience in one of the food courts, including the best of Spice Temple Shrines, Rosetta and the Rockpool. With so much on offer and so much to extract, there is no doubt that this place is known as mini-world of entertainment.

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