Celebrating New Year’s Eve In Sydney? Here’s Where You Should Go With A Minibus!

Do you know what everyone looks forward to when the countdown to a new year begins? You guessed it right! It is the annual fireworks display to usher in a new year. Counting down in a foreign country is definitely a unique experience to remember and why not try Sydney this year? In order to get the best seats, you will need to first know some of the vantage points around the location. In this post, we will list out a few places you should head to for New Year’s Eve:

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House

The iconic opera house guarantees revellers a breathtaking setting New Year Eve’s 2014 fireworks display. Whether you are meeting family members and friends in a public viewing space, cruising along Sydney Harbour Bridge, or attending an exclusive countdown party atop a roof of an opulent club, you are definitely in for a memorable experience.

Darling Harbour

Here’s a tip, if you can’t wait till big occasions such as New Year’s Eve, you can head down to Harbourside every Saturday night for fireworks displays! What’s more, there are more than 20 restaurants and bars at this location and they come with superb waterfront views too. Thus, order some of your favourite dishes and drinks as the fireworks light up the night sky with colours of the rainbow.

Clarke’s Point, Hunters Hill

Located in the north shore, Clarke’s Point Reserve is accessible from a Woolwich ferry wharf as well as a bus route from Hunters Hill. As you catch the awe-inspiring New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, be sure to take in the magnificent views of Sydney’s skyline and the Harbour Bridge.

Bradley’s Head

This year, Bradley’s Head will be separated into two areas; The Athol Lawn Precinct and The Mast Precinct. If you prefer a family-friendly atmosphere, Athol Lawn is the perfect precinct for you. Don’t forget to bring along your picnic blanket and hamper too.

Shark Island

If you wish to catch the fireworks displays in an exclusive location in Sydney Harbour National Park, you might want to consider Shark Island. There is plenty of room for all and you can start to take in the sights when the sun starts to set. You should also consider this as an all-weather event, thus pack along a torch, a rain poncho, extra clothing and a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

minibusUse minibus hire on New Year’s Eve in Sydney!

Are you planning to get to these locations in a rented self-drive car or public transport such as a cab? Well, first and foremost, free parking is hard to come by during this occasion and it is also even more challenging to flag a cab after you are done with the fireworks displays. Hence, you can cross the aforementioned out of your list of considerations.

In fact, the smarter solution is to charter a mini bus. It works best if you plan to travel in a group such as with your family and friends. If you have a corporate event, using a coach bus is recommended. Chartering mini buses or coaches ensure that you secure a designated transport to get you to and fro your destination. Don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call at Transport Network Australia to plan for your New Year’s Eve event in advance!

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