Golf in Sydney

Sydney is a fabulous place for golfing.  With gorgeous courses up against the coast the courses take full advantage of the rough Australian landscape to bring you courses that will challenge even the highest level of player.  Northbridge Golf club brings an impressive par 64 course, while East Lake Golf Club eases up and is great for beginners to moderate players with their par 72 course.  Check out our five public and semi private clubs for your next tee time.  

GolfMoore Park Golf Club

When time is of the essence and you simply must get in that round of golf make a quick trip to Moore Park Golf Club.  Moore Park is the closest course to the CBD and will give you a challenging par 70 course.  Moore Park has earned it’s reputation as a course for the people.  Built by two hardworking Scottish immigrants in the 1920s.

East Lake Golf Club

Would you like to introduce a client to golf?  Or perhaps you want a course with a moderate level of challenge?  The East Lake Golf Club is only 10 minutes from the CBD and offers a solid course with a par 72.  East Lake is neighbors with private courses The Lakes and Bonnie Doon, however it is open to the public with it’s superb location.

The North Bridge Golf Club

Golf Pro’s and anyone looking for an extreme golfing challenge the North Bridge Golf Club with it’s par 64 course is not to be missed.  The North Bridge Golf Club’s infamous 5th hole is known far and wide for it’s incredible 40 meter elevation change.  This club is semi private and welcomes social clubs 7 days per week.

GolfThe Coast Golf Club

The Coast Golf club has a challenging par 70 course open to the elements.  You will contend with sea breezes, wide open fairways, and tricky elevation changes that are masked by the rolling landscape.

Any course this close to the shore should have water hazards to challenge all skill levels and this course is no exception.  The very first hole is par 5 and you will find yourself battling a creek on the second shot. The Long Free Golf Club’s par 71 course may not seem too challenging until one begins to contend with ever changing sea breezes.  Will you claim to have mastered the winds?

Golfing near the sea can be a challenge in and of itself.  Visit any of these 5 courses in Sydney to see how your skills measure up.  Pick the par 64 challenge, or take it easy with courses offering a more moderate par 71.

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