A Simple Guide On Canberra Airport And Getting To The City

In the eastern edge of North Canberra, you will find Canberra Airport which plays a unique role in serving the Australia’s capital city, Canberra. It currently services flights to most of the major cities in Australia which include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast among others.

Canberra Airport is among the busiest airports in Australia. Private air charter services are also permitted at this airport. Essentially, you will find Canberra airport near Pialligo. From the city centre to the airport, the distance is very short as it only takes up to a 15-minute drive, particularly at non-peak hours. Notwithstanding, when there is heavy traffic, it may take longer to get to the airport.

We offer coach hire services to and from Canberra Airport for groups of any size.

The airport layout

There are four divisions in the airport. On the western main runway, you will find the passenger terminal as well as the general flight facilities. Just adjacent to the passenger terminal, you will see the Brindabella Business Park. Further to the eastern side of the main runway, you will come across the ex-airbase known as Fairbuin. This particular division is only used for head of state and military aircraft services. On Majura Road, there is a retail and mixed section, which forms the fourth division commonly referred to as Majura Park. At Majura Park, there are some office buildings as well as a small shopping centre popularly known as Costo for passengers and other people.

New terminal in the airport

The new terminal is actually a ground-up rebuild that serves as a home to Virgin Australia. The rebuild happens to be on the western concourse of the previous terminal. Plenty of space is set aside for various aviation purposes such as immigration, customs and quarantine facilities. At its completion, the new terminal will be equipped with six aerobridges at the western concourse. The aerobridges will not only be well ventilated but also have floor-to-ceiling glass. In addition, there will also be a doubling of screening areas for passengers. Due to current flight service demand, you will find more than 10 additional check-in-points.

Recent developments

As mentioned earlier, there have been developments in Canberra Airport that will soon hep to facilitate international flights. Today, most of the flight services that you find in the airport are domestic. Until the completion of the new international terminal, all flight services will only be limited to domestic purposes.

Canberra Airport makes it easy for you to navigate across Australia as the airport is in the capital city. It will only be a matter of time before the entire airport gets into full swing of facilitating international flights. By the end of the redevelopment project in the airport, international flights will be available.

Travellers will have much to cheer for since this means that travellers coming from as far as Albury or Wollongong do not have to go from Canberra to Sydney in order to access international locations.

Parking options at Canberra Airport

The airport has reliable and convenient parking options that are perfectly close to the proximity of terminal building. All car parks come in handy for various needs. Short-term and long-term options are both available at different rates. After the arrival of the last flights in the airport, the car parks usually close after half an hour. Re-opening of the car park then starts at 5:00 am in the morning.

Airport Express shuttle bus services to and from Canberra Airport
If you think that cars are the only mode of transportation from Canberra Airport to the city, then you are wrong. There is an Airport Express shuttle bus service that operates from the city at four different locations (West Row, YHA, National Convention Centre and Blamey Square Russell) to the airport and vice versa.

You have to pay $12AUD for a one-way trip and $20AUD for a return trip and the buses roughly service the route once every hour. The problem with this is that if you are travelling in a big group, it will be inconvenient to drag all your luggage and bags around to wait for the shuttle bus service and the service will not send you right to your accommodation facilities.

Finding your way to or from the airport

If you have chosen to self-drive a rental car to or from the Canberra Airport, there is a possibility that you will be lost, especially if you are visiting Canberra for the first time. That is why it can be better for you to use minibus hire services or coach rental services so that you do not experience problems with finding directions while driving around the city.

Instead, you can check with Transport Network Australia for a wide variety of transportation means. From minivans that carry up to 24 passengers to buses that can take you to almost anywhere in the country, you will not have transport problems when we service you. However, if you need to find the directions to get to the airport from the city or vice versa, you can check on the airport’s website with regards to the driving directions.

Express passenger pick-up option

At the airport, there is a green indoor park just about 20 minutes away from the arrival hall. The express passenger pick-up is found on the ground floor of the Indoor Park. For those who are actually short of time, you will find it convenient as it is merely a walking distance away. In addition, there is a comfortable and cosy lounge at the express passenger pick-up point where you can wait for pick-up in case there are delays.

Actually, you need not experience delays when you can have effective transportation services from Transport Network Australia. Our transport packages come in quite practical and convenient options that can suit your specific needs. You can book for a luxurious minibus that will make it easy to access the city after a long tiring flight. Give us a call today and let us make the best airport transfer arrangements for you at Canberra Airport!

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