Don’t Miss Out On The Following Fabulous Music Concerts Happening In Canberra 2015!

Numerous genres of music are trending in Canberra these days and if you are visiting this city then you can take advantage of the plethora of exciting concerts and musical events that are happening this year. Even if you are not heading to the concerts, you can also enjoy live music in many pubs, night clubs, and restaurants in Canberra. But if you are a music fan and love to attend concerts, here are some of the most awaited musical events for 2015:

Eurovision Final – Canberra Party

The Eurovision Final is marked with a night of trivia and lots of music at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia in Canberra. This event is held on 24 June 2015 and it consists of a night of trivia questions related to various musical topics and bands as well as karaoke and costume contests. A series of prizes can be won by participants to this event such as sponsors’ gifts and even a trip to Vienna. This party is presented by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and the entry is absolutely free.

The John Denver Story

Rick Price is a famous Australian singer who gets up on the stage to tell the John Denver Story. His songs combine various aspects of life such as love, friendship, infidelity, and alcoholism. The concert is held on 21 June 2015 at the Playhouse, Canberra Theatre, and the singer is accompanied by The Colorado Quartet. Rick Price is expected to sing approximately 20 of his greatest hits and tickets come at great prices.

Paraguayan Harp and Piano Concert

Held on 27 June 2015 at Drill Hall Gallery, the Paraguayan Harp and Piano Concert is suitable for everyone who appreciates good music. Esteban Bedoya is the name of the Paraguayan musician who will provide musical delight to your ears. He will be accompanied by James Huntingford, a famous Australian pianist. The concert is held in a fabulous artistic setting and the entrance is completely free. Wine and cheese are offered to those who attend this event which begins at 6pm in the evening.

The Bad Plus (USA)

The Street Theatre in Canberra houses an impressive musical event on 31 June 2015 represented by The Bad Plus (USA), a New York band which harmoniously combines jazz and rock music. The songs of Bad Plus incorporate influences from multiple genres and a wide range of musical elements. Bad Plus consists of a trio of pianists who are capable of delivering fabulous examples of contemporary jazz to their audience. Although the entrance is not free, you will definitely enjoy this concert in Canberra, especially if jazz is your life.


On 4 June 2015, Hammerhead arrives at The Street Theatre and they are ready to deliver an exquisite musical experience involving elements from Swing, Latin, and Funk genres. Todd Hardy, Tim Bruer, and Jason Bruer create the experienced trio behind Hammerhead and their newest album, Mosaic, feature a combination of classic songs and vibrant musical arrangements. Tickets cost $30, the event starts at 8pm, and attendants also have access to an open bar.Phillip Johnston presents the “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” Phillip Johnston is a famous New York saxophonist who comes in Canberra at The Street Theatre on 7 June 2015 to tell the store of the Prince Achmed. The musical experience delivered by this experienced artist combines elements from jazz, rock, blues, electronica, and classical genres. The concert is inspired by the famous tale of The Arabian Nights and takes listeners in a fabulous journey spiced up with oriental influences.

Christine Anu concert

On 13 June 2015, visit The Street Theatre in Canberra to listen to the wonderful songs of Christine Anu. She is one of the most famous Australian musicians, featuring a long and illustrious musical career. Party, Monkey and the Turtle, and Island Home are just a few of the hits she will sing during this astonishing concert. Tickets start from $45 for adults and the event begins at 8pm.

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

In honour of the ANZAC Centenary, the Glenn Miller Orchestra performs an incredible concert at Canberra Theatre on 27 June 2015. Some of the best musicians in America team up with the Broadway Swing Dancers to enchant the audience with stunning musical compositions. The list of songs performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra is numerous and it includes Moonlight Serenade, A String of Pearls, and many others. This event is suitable for families as well as large groups of friends. To find out more information about ticket prices, you might need to contact the event organisers.

Damien Leith: The Parting Glass

This concert includes classical Irish musical compositions and a stunning play. Some of the songs which will be played are Ragland Road, Rocky Road to Dublin, Danny Boy, and others. The musical experience is set in an Irish pub where Damien Leith tells the story of his life while enjoying a couple of drinks. The event is held on 18 July 2015 at the Street Theatre and the tickets start from $49 for adults.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

On 2 September 2015 you should head to Canberra Theatre to catch a famous American jazz band in from the 60s called Blood, Sweat & Tears in action. Their songs have been international hits for decades and you can listen to them again in Canberra this fall. The concert includes musical compositions like Lucretia Mac Evil, Spinning Wheel, When I Die, and more. Prices for adults start under $100 and a child’s ticket costs around $65.

Olli Mustonen, Bach & Shostakovich

Llewellyn Hall hosts a fabulous concert on 12 September represented by Olli Mustonen, Bach and Shostakovich who are accomplished musicians with years of experience. The exhilarating masterpieces played by this trio will enchant your ears and take you on a fabulous musical journey. To find more information regarding ticket prices, contact the event organisers.

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