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Melbourne can be considered to be one of the major business hubs in the world. This means that if you are interested in networking with the movers and shakers in various industries, visiting Melbourne is likely to be one of the best ways to do it. There is a high concentration of businessmen from all industries in the city and by choosing to network with the right people, you will unleash powerful potential for your own business.  

However, a minor problem you are likely to encounter is finding that there are too many opportunities for business networking for you to choose from! The best way to overcome this is by identifying the types of networking events you will most benefit from, and then making a point to find networking opportunities that will expose you to these specific types.

The issue of logistics is likely to come up when you are doing this, particularly if you have decided to do the networking with more than one group. In order to overcome this, you should consider renting a coach bus for the duration of your stay in Melbourne. This way, it will be very easy for you to get around even if you are in a large corporate group. Here is a look at some interesting networking events you can attend in early 2015:

After Work Drinks for CamberwelliansAfter Work Drinks for Camberwellians

This is an event that is held every third Wednesday at Magic City, 871 Burke Road in Melbourne. It gives you an opportunity to meet a large number of local businessmen over a drink. Some of the benefits of attending the event include the fact that you are likely to interact with a large variety of local businessmen, and it can give you excellent exposure to all sorts of industries in the region. If you are likely to visit with a group, it would be wise to register in advance to ensure that there is enough space and staff to serve all the attendants. All in all, this event is suitable for people who might want to learn more about the local industries, such as if you want to make an investment in the region.

The Melbourne Business Network

The Melbourne Business Network provides regular meeting platforms for people who might be interested in getting involved in business in the region. This is usually done through a Business Breakfast Club that will allow you to get in contact with the local business community. One of the major benefits of using this network is the fact that it has expanded over time, and how wields influence beyond the city. Some of the members of the network include government agencies, organisations and companies. If you are interested in networking with any of them, all you need to do is contact the network to find out when the next event is, or have them organise one just for you.

Open Space 2015

Open Space is a symposium that is mainly targeted towards businesses. It gives you the opportunity to interact with a number of accomplished business leaders. They often use this forum to give speeches that are aimed at giving the attendants new perspectives in business, and to encourage them to think outside the box. The fact that the event attracts a large number of people means that in addition to getting a lot of quality information from the speakers, you will also get the opportunity to mingle with the other attendants, which might lead to you forming new business networks.

The symposium is usually themed around design and technology, and how you can use it to solve current problems. It’s free to attend the symposium, but you will need to register in order to do so.

Peninsula Business Networking

The Peninsula Business Networking Inc regularly organises events that are aimed specifically at providing people with a forum to form business networks. Their breakfast meetings are held on a regular basis and you can visit peninsulabusinessnetworking.org.au for details on their future meetings.

Being held in an informal setting, choosing to attend the meetings will not only be fun, but also productive as well. There is no pressure associated with being in a corporate-themed environment, which encourages people to break the ice fast and build new relationships.

 Sustainability Drinks

This is a casual get-together that is organized on the first Wednesday of every month at the Slate Restaurant Bar in Melbourne between 6pm and 8pm. It is an event that has been running for the past five years, and offers the perfect environment for businessmen to interact and share success stories on various topics including sustainability. The event has been growing ever since its inception, and now attracts more than 200 attendees at each meeting.

This event is most suitable for businessmen and entrepreneurs who might be interested in getting new ideas on how to ensure that sustainability is achieved when in business. If you are interested in getting business partners who are focused on environmental sustainability when running their businesses, you can also use this platform to get in touch with them to find some of them as well.

The Hive

This is a networking organization that is formed by local Melbourne entrepreneurs who use it as a platform to hang out and share ideas. Membership is free, and the events are normally held at different locations in the city. Visit thehive.org.au to get information about future events and where they will be held.

Well, these are just some of the events and organisations that provide a perfect opportunity for you to form business networks in Melbourne. Even if you are going to visit the city for a short corporate trip, chances are that you will find most BUSof the above to be excellent opportunities to network with different businessmen, both local and foreign.

Contact us for more information on group transport to get to many of these events will be really cost effective, and will give you a high degree of autonomy and convenience. This is why it’s one of the most effective methods of getting around if you are planning to attend one or more of the business related events in Melbourne.

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