Top Hotel Recommendations For Corporate Travel In Perth

Perth is an amazing location to choose for travelling. It is also a perfect choice for business meetings because the business infrastructure is so well developed there and the standards are high in each and every area and field of activity. In terms of accommodation options in Perth, we can say that there is a great range of business hotels for you to consider for your corporate travel. It is pretty hard to shortlist the top hotels for business travellers as there are too many fine picks here but here is what we think you will be pleased to stay at as a discerning business traveller:

Fraser Suites Perth

Fraser Suites Perth is another great option for you to consider in terms of accommodation when travelling to Perth. It features 5-star facilities that will make you feel just like an honoured guest. The hotel rooms attract attention for being perfectly furnished and for offering the perfect quiet space that you need for working. Everything you expect to find in a luxurious accommodation will be found at Fraser Suites Perth. Its friendly staff will make you go back there anytime you are in Perth and the same special attention and facilities will be made available for you each time you decide to go there.

Best Western Premier Terrace Hotel

The Best Western Premier Terrace Hotel will impress you from the first moment you see it due to its excellent location and the way in which it has been built. Its rooms are well appointed and very large. They include all the necessary business facilities and even additional ones for those who want more than just the usual hotel experience. Your room will also come with the best views of the city and the excellent customer service will definitely make you fall in love with Best Western Premier Terrace Hotel.

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel offers you the chance to have a great time during your stay in Perth. If you are there on a business trip, you will definitely love the access to the great business facilities offered by this amazing hotel such as complimentary WiFi service. It is found in a perfect location, just 5 minutes away from the city centre. If you have a thing for European charms, this boutique hotel will definitely capture your heart. It features 52 rooms and has been operating since 1973.

Pan Pacific Perth

Pan Pacific Perth is a 5 star luxury hotel that all business travellers will love. Luxury and outstanding elegance is what that characterise this amazing facility. What most executives love about this hotel is that it is near the Swan River and this provides you with breathtaking views from your hotel room. Most business travellers will opt to stay at their top range Pacific Club rooms and suites and they offer priority check-ins as well as access to the private lounge that can help them get their business needs fulfilled.

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