Best Venues To Hold Your Corporate Events In Sydney

It’s the time of the year again and your company needs to hold its annual meeting to signify an end of a fruitful financial year and the start of another. A venue with built-in functions such as projector, projector screens, latest computer hardware and software, as well as a solid infrastructure is what you most likely seek to facilitate your corporate event. Welcome your guests and international VIPs to a corporate event venue in Sydney! These locations are not hard to find and here are some of the best venues:

Taronga CentreTaronga Centre

Sometimes, when one feels sleepy during a seminar or conference, lack of sleep isn’t the only factor that causes this. In fact, medical experts discovered that poor nutrition is also the culprit. Hence, having a corporate event in a restaurant isn’t such a bad idea after all. When you eat right, you enjoy the benefits of increase concentration and focus. Delight the taste buds of your guests with the creations of Leading Celebrity Chef Sean Connolly.

Madame Tussauds

Other than the fancy cocktail parties and gala dinners that they hold, facilitating corporate functions and product launches are under their expertise too! Rely on their trusty events team to run your corporate event. Even 500 guests from a cocktail party isn’t a challenge to them. Besides the seriousness of your event, your guests can unwind and mingle in a fun yet luxurious setting once the event is over.

The Star

Located at 80 Pyrmont Street, take advantage of what a 5-star hotel has to offer – from Casinos to spas and luxury restaurants – your guests can have the opportunity to receive ample rest and rejuvenate themselves before attending another phase of your corporate event. Sometimes, corporate events or conferences have to be split into several days at a time and it is impossible to hold it within one day.

Four Seasons Hotel SydneyFour Seasons Hotel Sydney

Four Seasons has been recognised as one of Sydney’s most prestigious venue to host corporate functions, conferences and private dinners. The hotel offers guests an astonishing 17,000 square feet of event space. Their staffs provide an unrivalled level of service standards and you can be sure that your guests will feel honoured and valued during and after your event.

SailCorp on Sydney Harbour

This is your chance to try something new that’s out of an office setting! Consider signing up for team building activities such as sailing. Here at SailCorp, your department or sales team gets to enjoy a full day of fun and adventure. It is also an affordable way to maintain the camaraderie among your staffs. Even your guests, clients and business associates can join in the fun, pick up a new skill and have a great time!

Exploring the options on how you can transport your guests and staff? Consider corporate coach charter, as we have the right personnel to ensure that your valued guests can get to each destination on time with comfort and style. Hence, you will have more time to concentrate on the event’s nooks and crannies, making it a blast for everyone!

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