Best Venues To Hold Your Corporate Events In Canberra

Businesses know the importance of holding their corporate events in the right venue.Events like these can be practical ways to attract new clients or thank existing ones for their loyal patronage. Hence, the correct venue makes all the difference when a certain ambience or atmosphere needs to be achieved.

Both big businesses and small businesses can benefit from hosting a business event as they can take the opportunity to forge stronger relationships with their shareholders, investors and customers. There are different elements that are required to pull your event together, and the main one that everyone will first notice is the venue. Here are the best venues in Canberra:

Cliftons CanberraCliftons Canberra

This event space is conveniently located in the city’s CBD and parliamentary district and offers an array of versatile amenities suitable for meetings, conferences, seminars, master classes and other corporate events. The high speed internet infrastructure that the venue offers helps companies to facilitate their video conferences very smoothly. The venue also offers their clients catering options, which are great for intermissions or breaks.

Canberra Business Event Centre

Located at Regatta Point, the venue boasts panoramic views across Lake Burley. It is one of Canberra’s best event venues, considering the fact that it’s in close proximity with many of the city’s attractions. The venue is specially designed to facilitate events that involve international business visitors. Modern facilities, hardware and software, allow businesses to hold successful corporate events and give them a competitive edge over their competitors.

National Convention Centre of Canberra

Influential government officials and businessmen and women have graced this convention centre at least once. If you wish to give your corporate event a special touch, this venue comes with the abundance of national attractions and monuments. The convention centre is suitable for events that require big spaces. 15 event spaces over 2 floors should be enough to facilitate any major corporate event regardless of size and scope.

National Press Club of Australia

Do you have a new product line-up that you wish to release with a bang? Head on to National Press Club of Australia and take advantage of their state of the art TV studio. The venue can hold up to 300 individuals at once. Because of their excellent lighting and audio systems, it is an inviting setup for the media – placing your beloved product in the correct spotlight.

Old Parliament HouseOld Parliament House

The venue offers clients an event space of sophistication and elegance. The venue is also versatile enough to support corporate events of all styles. The historic site has many years of experience under its belt to tackle even the most outrageous event requirements. If you are interested in an outdoor venue, try The Senate or House of Representatives courtyards.

When organising corporate events, you will usually be dealing with numbers that tend to exceed the 2-digit mark. Hence, you must find a suitable way to transport your valued guests and business associates to and fro the venue, in a safe and efficient manner. One of the best ways of doing the aforementioned is to use a reliable corporate bus company to assist your logistical needs.

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