Corporate Incentive Trip Ideas for Perth

A visit to Perth, together with your co-workers for a company incentive trip, is a great travel idea. If you are looking for a perfect place to spend a week or two, this Australian city has a lot to offer. There are adventures for those of you who want a no-frill experience in the country or for others who would want to explore their own definition for the word ‘adventure’. Here are the places you should put into your travel itinerary for your corporate incentive trip:

Kalbarri National Park

If you want to experience closeness to nature, you can camp at Kalbarri National Park and head to all other wonderful sights in Perth. If camping is not your thing, you can also opt to share a dorm with your buddies and use whatever facilities are made available for travellers. Kalbarri’s scenic views will captivate your senses and allow you to embrace the fusion of warmth and coolness of Australian air. This place will also take you to a swimming adventure like no other. Additionally, you may also spot the dolphins found along Monkey Mia or get to snorkel and be brought to the beautiful coral reefs of Coral Bay.

Rottnest Island

Western Australia is proud to have the Rottnest Island among its list of tourist havens. The island is known to tourists for its stunning beaches and sparkling waters that are ideal for those who are into surfing. You can also get the chance to witness the beauty of the little Quokkas whilst in this place. A tour to the island will not be complete unless you book for morning tea and lunch or have a look at this side of the country’s very own Aboriginal cultural inheritance. Additionally, you should consider biking and snorkelling whilst you and your colleagues are exploring all that this island has to offer its visitors.

Pinnacles Desert

Also a must-visit is the Pinnacles Desert of Perth, the home for koalas and other native wildlife in Australia. The Caversham Wildlife Park can be found in this spectacular tourist space. If you want to bring out that adventurer in you, you can also try sand boarding at the Lancelin sand dunes. If there is one thing to try at the Pinnacles Desert, though, that would be exploring its lobster factory. This rare travel option will surely make you enjoy that picnic lunch with your co-workers, one that can be spent at the Lobster Shak. Don’t forget to take a look at the desert’s limestone pillars.

Valley-of-the-GiantsValley of the Giants

You will surely look forward to exploring the city’s Valley of the Giants. Get the chance to walk through the old growth forest via the place’s forest canopy. Since this is a corporate trip, you will definitely love the idea of having a picnic lunch with your companions too whilst you are in this well-known attraction site. It also boasts of its adventurous Tree Top Walk and its townships of Denmark and William Bay.

Company incentive trips should always be planned ahead of time and when you are in Perth, you need to use a reliable transport provider for all your travelling needs. After all, corporate bus hires are created to make your travel to this place a truly memorable, stress-free one!

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