Sydney Attractions For Arts Lovers

The city of Sydney draws millions of visitors every year, to experience the culture in this vibrant metropolitan with its numerous arts festivals, museums and art galleries. A wide range of exhibits and masterpieces are put on display throughout the calendar year, sure to excite your love for visual arts and tickle your fancy bone. There are loads of galleries spread across the city, right from the coast to the outback. One can easily access these spots by using minibus charter in Sydney, with an experienced driver leading you to the destination.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

This waterside museum was once the administration office of the Maritime Services Board, before it was totally renovated to accommodate more floor space and uncluttered interiors. It’s not only about the good looks, but the features including a 120-seat lecture theatrette, high-tech education centre, sculpture terrace and the rooftop cafe.  The authentic sandstone heart is still there reminding of the old times.

To draw in the visitors, the galleries have been kept open, logical and clean with long vistas to entice any art lover. Apart from the attractive exterior, the interior is all about art, and most of the exhibitions hosted here are carried out with makeshift arrangements of changing colours and installing walls.

Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Known to be the Mecca of Arts in Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW is a leading cultural institution that was established in the year 1871, showcasing past and present works by international and Australian artists. There are dedicated areas to display works from Asia Pacific region and indigenous art. Entry is free of cost, and on Wednesdays, you can enjoy talks and displays until 10 in the night.

Housed inside the gallery is the Yiribana Gallery featuring works by Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal artists. A range of changing exhibitions takes place in the Yiribana Project space. You can easily walk to the gallery from the city centre or the Royal Botanic Garden. The permanent collections of this venue are complemented by a variety of exhibitions held throughout the calendar year.

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Located off Hampden Street in Paddington, the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery was founded in the year 1982. It is home to an extensive range of exhibition programs emphasizing on artists from Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Asia Pacific region. Around 10 of the artists from this gallery put their country on the world map at the Venice Biennale, recent examples of which include 2003 Patricia Piccinini, 2007 Callum Morton, Michael Parekowhai, Hany Armanious and 2015 Fiona Hall. 4 artists have also made an appearance in Documenta. Renowned Australian artists such as David Noonan, Tracey Moffatt and Bill Henson who have represented the gallery for a long time have gone on to international fame.

Australian Design Centre

Hardly a 20-minute drive from Sydney CBD, the Australian Design Centre in Darlinghurst is a leading institution of modern art and design in Australia. By motivating people to use design in their lives and nurturing a country of innovative thinkers and makers, ADC plays a pivotal role in constructing an important design culture for the nation.

They take pride in celebrating the work of talented artists, who hold the highest regards for craftsmanship and who continuously discover ideas, process and material to further enhance modern design practice. Their creative programs feature over 200 designers, and an audience base of half a million every year. Whether it is about an educational activity, publishing affair or a quality exhibition, they are determined to give the best try possible. They move ahead with an objective to stimulate the curiosity of people, and encourage them to believe in the future of design.

Stanley Street Gallery

Located in the heart of Darlinghurst art precinct of Sydney, the Stanley Street Gallery is an exciting and vibrant gallery, focusing on work of overseas and Australian artists. It showcases the work of both emerging and established artists, thanks to the continually changing exhibition calendar of the gallery, which includes art performances, video, ceramics, wearable art, sculpture, photography and painting. Art lovers would certainly enjoy the elegant and relaxed ambiance of the gallery, discovering some of the unknown facts of arts scene in Sydney. The space opens up into a beautiful light filled fountain and courtyard.

Additionally, the Gallery has also hosted a number of philanthropic events including exhibition of artwork by refugees, book launches and poetry reading.


Located in Sydney, Carriageworks is a modern multi-arts centre led by a group of talented artists, engaging visitors and art lovers with contemporary issue and ideas. It receives immense support from Australian Government and Arts NSW, through the Australia Council for the Arts, and is known to be a cultural facility of the NSW Government. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of presenting large-scale events for the local communities, as well as international visitors.

Carriageworks occupies a part of the Eveleigh Carriage Workshops, nestled in the 51-hectare Eveleigh Rail Complex Yards, which was built in late 19th century. The place contains the rich history of Australian rail network. Royal Carriages were specially built for the Governor General, and is known to be the first electric, air-conditioned train in the country. Due to increased privatization of carriage construction, restrictive union practices and inefficient older buildings, the production declined and the site was eventually closed in 1988.

Badger and Fox Gallery

Known to be a convict built terrace house, the Badger and Fox Gallery is a heritage listed place offering a relaxed and intimate viewing space for the visitors. They have a very simple philosophy to share the passion of art, which includes diverse genres, and spend some quality time with like minded collectors and artists. Their main objectives are to encourage exciting emerging artists, bring art across every genre and provide genuine advice on collecting arts. They regularly publish a newsletter, where you can receive ArtUpdate, and any news when the new stock arrives. You can either make an appointment to view or attend some of their programs.

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