Why You Should Visit The Kings Park War Memorial In Perth

Kings Park War MemorialThe State War Memorial is one of the most revered memorials in Australia. The various aspects of the memorial are dedicated to soldiers, military units and prisoners of war who were involved in various wars on behalf of Australia in the past. It is normally visited by more than 40,000 people during each year’s Anzac Day Dawn Service, which just goes to show how much of an impact it has. If you are ever in Perth for business of pleasure, you should therefore make a point of trying to visit this historical monument. It is a trip that you are unlikely to regret!

The location of Kings Park Memorial

The war memorial is located on Mount Eliza within King’s Park. Some of the features it has include the Cenotaph, the Pool of Reflection and the Flame of Remembrance.

The significance of various monuments here

Each of the monuments within the War Memorial is dedicated to a specific battle or military event. For instance, the Cenotaph, the obelisk that forms the focal point of the war memorial, is dedicated to all servicemen and women who died in the Boer War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War as well as the First and Second World War.

Visitor information

kings park war memorial

The opening hours of this facility are 10am to 5pm daily. However, it’s usually closed on Christmas Day. It is located within Kings Park on Treloar Crescent. Tours around the war memorial last around 90 minutes each, and are handled by volunteer tour guides. There are a number of facilities that are present within the memorial and which are aimed at making your visit more comfortable. These include ample parking, cloaking facilities as well as an information desk from where you can get any help you need. You can also take advantage of the different cafes that are around Kings Park if you are interested in food or drinks.

Things to do

There are a number of activities you can take part in in the memorial. One of the most popular of these is viewing the First World War galleries. One can also visit the Discovery Zone, which gives an opportunity for people to get educated about everything to do with the associated wars and military events.

All in all, the Kings Park War Memorial is a worthy place to visit, considering the calibre of people that it is dedicated to. A visit to the memorial will definitely do a lot to enhance your understanding of history. Using a coach hire is one of the best ways of visiting it. This is a comfortable and cheap means of transport that affords you more flexibility on issues such as when to visit the park.

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