Why You Should Visit The Sydney Harbour Bridge

This Harbour Bridge is a much-loved centre of attraction for Sydney, since it connects the CBD of the city to the north of Sydney. This landmark bridge has come to be seen as the ‘standard setter’ when the city welcomes each New Year. The spectacular fireworks and amazing colours highlight the New Year’s Eve celebrations while showcasing this amazing structure. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a wide steel structure that is known for both its beauty and its function. The arch bridge provides a crossing for vehicles, trains, bikes, and pedestrians.

Why visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

There are many reasons to visit the bridge the most popular one being to enjoy the amazing view. Many people choose to do the Bridge Climb that takes them to top of the structure. The bridge that was opened to traffic in 1932 can be enjoyed by anyone. For those who choose to do the climb, there are different group climbs to cater for different interests. The climb is fun and when you get to the top, you enjoy spectacular 360-degree views of Sydney.

What does the climb entail?

Whether you choose the Express Climb, which will take you to the top in 2.25 hours, or the original climb that takes about 3.5 hours, the idea is to get to the top, which is a distance of 134 metres or 440 feet from the water. Contrary to what you might expect, the climb is not too strenuous and it is something that can be done by virtually anyone regardless of age or athletic abilities. You get to the top by walking up stairs, most of them are shallow, and they have several ramps and horizontal sections.

Choosing the best climb

When you climb the bridge, you have a guide with you who keeps you constantly informed during the climb. There are plenty of stops and you can take a breather while you listen to stories about the Bridge. You can plan to climb the Bridge at night or at dawn. The night climb is great because you get to enjoy the sight of Sydney while it is all lit up. The twilight climb begins in daylight and it ends after dark, allowing you to get the best of day and night views, and if you are lucky, you can get a sunset in mix!

Conditions for climbers

Sydney Harbour Bridge climbing

It is important to be sober before attempting the climb and all climbers are breath-tested for
blood alcohol level. You will also need to sign medical forms indicating that you are in good health. The climb rates differ depending on the type of climb and time of the day. Minibus hire or coach services are much recommended if you want to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a group.

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Watch This Amazing Video Of The Sydney Harbour Bridge below:

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