Why You Should Visit The Hunter Valley In Australia

Hunter Valley is a very popular wine region in Australia and has played an important role in the history of Australian wine. The region produces wine from a wide selection of grapes such as Chardonnay and Verdelho. However, it is not just about wine; it has many other attractions to visit too. Here are some reasons why you should visit Hunter Valley!

The Hunter Valley In Australia Enjoy a fantastic wine-learning experience

Wine making is Hunter Valley’s forte and they definitely do not fail to impress! This winery location happens to be one of the smallest wine growing areas in Australia but produces some of the best and highly-acclaimed wine in the world. Hunter Valley has close to 200 years of rich heritage and it can be seen and tasted from the wine it produces. Visitors can be taken on a tour of one of its 160 wineries and go on a wine-tasting experience like no other. Visit completely natural vineyards and olive groves and learn about why the type of soil is so important in making good wine. There is much to learn, appreciate and taste!

Be spoilt with a variety of dining choices

Visitors have a wide variety of dining choices to choose from. Have lunch at an Italian restaurant while drinking wine that is sourced straight from the valley or opt for some casual dining at an alfresco café, for diners who are on a budget. Order some takeaway dessert, pies and coffee from one of the eateries or taste some barbeque ribs that are marinated in aromatic wine that are produced right in Hunter Valley. Children can have their share of food too from several kid-friendly restaurants. You may also go several notches up and request for a private dining session at the Peterson house for your colleagues or for a family celebration.

Choose from a wide selection of accommodation

Hunter valley offers a wide selection of accommodation ensuring that visitors on a week long trip to the vicinity do not have to worry about not having a shelter over their heads at night. Visitors can choose from hotels, resorts, pubs and hostels. Each choice differs in cost, amount of amenities and quality of service and there is a choice for everyone!

Engage in a long list of exciting activities

There are other things to do in Hunter Valley other than just drinking wine. Guests can visit art galleries or try some cheese from the shops. They can also go cycling or relax in a spa. The only limiting factor here is time!
Visiting this location may be a difficult task if a large group of people is involved. The return trip will be troublesome as you and your friends are sure to buy a handful of wine or gifts. Chartering a private bus is perfect for this trip as it is comfortable and is able to hold all of the purchases that you and your friends make.

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