Visit Glenelg Beach In Adelaide Today!

Glenelg Beach is a very popular location for tourists and locals alike who want to bask in the warmth of natural sunlight. Only 10km away from central Adelaide, the beach stretches as far back as the eye can see and the shores are sandy and lush. The beach is not exceedingly hot during summer and not extremely cold during winter, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Read on, if you need to add more items to your to-do list in Glenelg!

Visit the stores

There are a string of stores lined on the beach selling paraphernalia, souvenirs, clothing and shoes. Many specialty stores are also present and girls can take their time choosing the perfect swimwear while guys can take a look at the scuba-diving equipments that are on sale. The children can also choose their favourite swimming trunk or water gun!

Patronise the restaurants

This beach has no shortage of restaurants for beachgoers to patronise. In fact, the number of restaurants on this beach is more than that of some malls! Eateries range from barbeque outlets to Italian restaurants to wine bars, and beachgoers are sure to find an outlet they will like.

Attempt the cycling trails

Locals and tourists can try cycling on the Federation Trail that is located near the beach. Cycle past the worker’s cottages, buildings and raid shelters as well as enjoy the summer breeze if you fancy taking a break from the beach!

baskBask on the beautiful beach

The beach at Glenelg is always bustling and you can often see many people setting up tents and organising picnics here. Children are often seen having the time of their lives while adults are commonly observed sunbathing to their heart’s content.

The beach also contains a departure point for dolphin sailing hours and individuals can hop on to get close with spot bottle dolphins and blue dolphins that are usually swimming along with the speedboats. Try your hand at snorkelling, wind-surfing or scuba-diving at the beach or simply sign up for a jet boat ride. There are countless activities you can do and the only limiting factor is time!

Travelling to the Glenelg beach may be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you are going in a large group. It is a wise choice to hire a private minibus or coach as the beachgoers can easily load their equipment, clothes and picnic mats onto the bus after a day of enjoyment. There is no need to squeeze into a public bus, holding your belongings and getting stares from fellow commuters!

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