Top Things To Do In And Near ANZ Stadium

ANZ Stadium is more than just one of those many sporting venues in Australia. It is also considered one of the best hosts to historic sporting moments. This makes a visit to this stadium well worth it, should you drop by Sydney. When you are paying a visit to this place, you should include the following in your itinerary. This list includes things to do in areas near ANZ Stadium too.

ANZ StadiumTry the stadium’s explore tour

There is the ANZ Stadium interactive Explore tour that you can join when visiting this place. In this tour, you will get to experience a laser show that lasts for an hour. This gives you access to your idols’ changing rooms and a chance to have a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes during game time. You can also witness how the stadium transformed from an oval field to the rectangular field that it is now.

You can also enjoy the spot even more by simply running through the players’ tunnel where you can strike a pose as if you are one of those Olympic gold medallists. The ANZ Stadium is open for exploration Mondays to Sundays at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm except on public holidays. You have to check the schedule from time to time as it may vary depending on the events being held in the stadium.

Have fun at the Circus Arts Sydney

Situated at the Olympic Aquatic Park in Sydney, this place is one to visit if you want to explore more of what Sydney can offer. This is regarded as the Best Flying Trapeze Company in the area that operated since 1999. Since then, it has encouraged those who have always wanted to fly to experience how it is to be dreamy on air via the flying trapeze. This is a perfect place for the whole family to spend time at.

Visit the Newington Armory

Located about 0.2 km from ANZ Stadium, the Newington Armory is a great place where you can witness the history of Australia. When touring there, you will feel like you are taking a walk through time. You might be overwhelmed by the whole area. It is quite too big to explore on foot. You may need a day or two to enjoy what it has to offer. Nonetheless, it is worth traversing this place with the rest of the group.

downtown SydneyGet a glimpse of downtown Sydney

When taking a tour at ANZ Stadium, it would be good to experience the whole of Sydney itself. Try downtown Sydney and be amazed by its towering buildings and establishments. You can ride a hired bus or limo service whilst catching a glimpse of all that this amazing place is known for. Stop by the near coffee shop and have a drink or two whilst all other companions get a tour downtown.

Experience nightlife at Allphones Arena

When you think you have not had enough of your day tours then why not experience Sydney at night. The Allphones Arena is a great place to consider including in your travel itinerary. This place is great for corporate events, and is also a place where live entertainment can be witnessed at its best.

There are yet many other great spots to explore around the ANZ Stadium. Hire our bus or limo services, and getting around town will definitely be less of a hassle!

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