Top Theme Parks In Australia

Top Theme Parks In Australia

Australia is known for a fusion of great attractions that include the Sydney Opera House, and the Great Barrier Reef among others. Apart from these spectacular structures and landscapes, it is also known for its wide range of animal species that include duck-billed platypuses and kangaroos. Of course, a family or a group of friends will find it thrilling to know that there are fantastic theme parks in Australia too. Get to know the best ones and use our Australia minibus charter to bring you to these parks.



Gold Coast’s Dreamworld will pass the discriminating taste of the most meticulous fun lovers out there. An amusement and water park combined into one, you will surely be thrilled by its list of activities. The largest theme park in Australia, it is currently home to a combination of family-friendly and big-thrill rides. Get to visit the Tiger Island too which is the tiger sanctuary where guests can get to know the different tiger species there are from different parts of the world.


Also found along the Gold Coast, Seaworld is voted as one of the top theme parks for its marine wildlife because of the various encounters every family member can experience with Australia’s water species. Apart from showcasing the different marine life species including dolphins, penguins, seals, rays, sharks, and dolphins, you and the rest of the family will surely end up exhilaratingly thrilled with the adventure rides and all sorts of amusement found in the place.

WhiteWater World

The Gold Coast is definitely the home to the best theme parks in Australia considering the number of parks you will find on top of the list, the WhiteWater World included. Considered as one of the biggest water parks you will ever find when in Australia, this water theme park is actually the sister of Dreamworld. Get to experience the thrills of the different water rides and slides and explore the entire park even further to discover what is in store for you in the rides called Temple of Huey, RIP, and Think the Wedgie.

Warner Bros Movie World

Yet another theme park situated in the Gold Coast, Warner Bros Movie World gives you a chance to get closer with the film outfit’s famous superheroes while also having the opportunity to see famous movie sets from Warner Bros movies. A combination of a studio and amusement theme park, you and your friends will also get to witness how movies are filmed and made by professionals. If you want more adventure, you can also brave superhero-themed rides in the amusement park.

Jamberoo Action Park

Most accessible via the Wollongong Airport, the Jamberoo Action Park is that most amazing water theme park that you have always dreamt of during your childhood. It has 10 watery worlds, each with a series of rides and amusement offerings that you will be thrilled to try. Braving the slides and tides will make you feel the true splendour of being able to visit this theme park. Pools of different sizes are open to guests as well. In case you want a water ride that will help conquer your fear of the water, you should not miss out on visiting and trying the Funnel Web.

Luna Park

This theme park can be accessed from both Sydney and Melbourne airports. Looking from the outside, you may say that it is just an ordinary theme park. Wait until you get in and find out how the views complement the rides inside the Luna Park. Specifically located in Milsons Point, you will be surprised that entering the park is free. If you want to enjoy your stay though, you get to choose from annual and unlimited passes as well as family park passes.

WetSide Water Education Park

A spectacular sight found on Hervey Bay, you can access this theme park easily from the Fraser Coast airport. Perfect for a summer holiday getaway, kids will definitely enjoy the experience while visiting and exploring the WetSide Water Education Park. Created by Water Bay Water Corporation, do not be surprised if you see plaques bearing reminders about the importance of water conservation. If this does not thrill you, well the free entrance fee will surely entice you to come in and give this theme park a try.

The Beachouse

This theme park can be best accessed via the airport of Adelaide and can be reached after a 20-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD. The park has been made open to families who are looking for great rides but are budget-restricted. You will find it fascinating not only because you can enter the park at no charge but also because each ride costs only up $2. Make sure you have your Fun Card ready as you explore the rides in the Beachouse. Time cards can also be purchased if you want unlimited access to the theme park’s rides and games like the play castles, dodgem cars, and mini golf. You can easily find this park at Glenelg’s Colley Terrace.

Big Splash Waterpark

This theme park is known as Canberra’s top summer attraction and should definitely form part of your bucket list when visiting the region during a hot day. You will surely get to enjoy all the rides in the water theme park from kiddie pools to the standard 50-metre pool to pool inflatables. If you are more of an adventurer, you will definitely get something to try within the Big Splash Waterpark considering that it has nine slides, a super speed coaster, and a twister slide – all guaranteeing to make your heart seem to skip several beats.

Adventure World

Wrapping up the list of the top theme parks that you must visit when in Australia is the Adventure World. Located in Perth, particularly at Bibra Lakes’ 351 Progress Drive, this theme park is definitely one to try out when in the region. Inside the Adventure World, you will experience riding the most expensive rides that you can ever imagine via the Abyss, a rollercoaster that is worth $12 million, and the Kraken, a funnel water slide whose total construction cost reached up to $7 million. These are but just two of the 28 rides inside this theme park.

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