This Spring, Soak Up The Sun At These Australian Beaches!

No one can deny the fact that Australia is renowned all across the globe as a top holiday destination, primarily for its pristine beaches. Not only does the extensive coastline offers plentiful beaches, you will not be disappointed by their quality as well. Aussies take pride in their heritage, and keep their beaches pollution-free. But with so many options at hand, which one should you go for? Here’s some help to guide your decisions, and remember to choose Australia coach hire if you intend to beach-hop in a group!

Bondi Beach, Sydney

No list of top Australian beaches can be complete without adding Bondi Beach to it. It’s more about the people, history, ambiance and surroundings of this place than the beach itself. This popular stretch of sand in Sydney has been an icon of beach culture in Australia. It has been a focal point of a series of protests in 1900s that paved the way for bikini being socially accepted as beach attire that we see today.

With its clean shores and convenient access from Sydney CBD, Bondi Beach is crowded almost throughout the year.  Owing to its popularity, a number of cafes and restaurant have made their way to make this place a wonderful dining and wining spot as well. Spend a lazy day enjoying the sunshine, while indulging in the unique cultural relevance of the Bondi, especially if you are visiting from overseas.

Mandalay Beach, WA

Situated towards the south of Perth, this secluded beach in Western Australia is a perfect spring getaway for those who appreciate the beauty and untouched nature of the coast. The untamed wilderness and rocky headlands make for a stunning location, different from the other beaches in Australia. Chatham Island is one of the key highlights of the Beach, located a few miles off the coast. The crests of the waves and the greenery contrasts make for a picturesque scene. One can also choose to hike their way to the Mandalay Beach, with the closest settlement being Walpole. It’s a unique beach experience that you can brag of.

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Known to be the largest sand island in the world, it has taken its name from its approximate length, covering a massive stretch of coastline, with a variety of multi-coloured sands forming a vivid mosaic of ochre tones to bright oranges and white to yellow hues. Tiger sharks mainly inhabit the shallows, but the waters are worth a fulfilling swimming experience. There are a myriad of crystal-clear freshwater lakes, just a short distance from the shoreline. One of the key highlights of the beach is the Champagne pools, which is quite popular among the tourists, as it adds a truly unique ambiance to the swimming experience. The most convenient way to access the 60-km beach is through the Hervey Bay, either through your own vehicle or one of the Barges that make a trip from the Bay.

Main Beach, Byron Bay NSW

From being an old-fashioned hippy town to a popular tourist destination, Byron Bay has come a long way in terms of development.  The primary factor behind this growth has been the less crowded stretch of coastline that can be easily accessed from the Gold Coast. The ideal location on the easternmost point of mainland makes the beaches perfect for surf breaks. If you are looking for a peaceful sunshine time in a quiet space, this is the perfect spot.

While you are here, don’t forget to visit Maleny, known for delicious produce including yoghurt and cheese. You will be treated to fantastic views over the hinterland, as you explore the sun-soaked beaches of the sunshine coast, while also enjoying the nightlife.

Cable Beach, Broome

This isolated stretch of coastline is particularly famous for its sunsets, appearing as a bright reddish orange ball in the sky. The beauty of this place can be best experienced from the Sunset Bar, which allows you to enjoy the dusk and the sunset camel rides from the lookout, while you enjoy a drink or two.  It’s a wonderful sight to witness a series of camels carrying people on their back along the shoreline, trying to get the best shot of this amazing phenomenon.

The Staircase to the Moon spectacle is in the best shape, if you happen to be here between March and October. There are plenty of accommodation options available as well, thanks to its close proximity to Broome. This is truly a bucket list item for anyone looking a recommendation to visit a spring destination in Australia.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Tasmania is not the state that comes to your mind when talking about beautiful Australian beaches, but Wineglass Bay is an exception. This scenic spot reflects the image of the sand, contrasting the lapping turquoise waters and surrounding pink granite peaks in a setting that is exceptionally sheltered. The clam-shaped shoreline is fairly untouched and relatively isolated, which is the real beauty of the place.

Apart from enjoying the spring sunshine, you can also indulge in activities including hiking, wildlife spotting, kayaking and snorkelling. The bay itself can be best observed from the lookout that’s around an hour’s trek following a well-maintained path. You can easily access the beach by following the downhill portion of the hiking track. One of the best nature-based experiences is to walk along the shores of this pristine beach.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

You certainly cannot argue against the fact that the Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Island is literally the most charming beach in the country. Although the reef surroundings and stunning water are worth an appreciation, the key highlight here is the Silica sand. For those who don’t get the term, it’s sand with the highest form of purity and fine particles that make it soft to touch. Not only is it easier on the foot, but also less hot. Being almost pure white, it creates an amazing contrast with the water, contributing to pure magic of this place.

With an extensive stretch of 7 km along the coastline, you can expect a less crowded beach throughout the year. The myriad of inlets, lagoons and coves dotting around the region adds to the charisma of this place. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this place to catch a sight of its natural offerings.

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