The Most Romantic Destinations In Sydney For Your Honeymoon Itinerary

Sydney is a great place for all kinds of travellers. However, like every other tourist destination, Sydney itself is also known particularly to attract specific groups of travellers, and honeymooning couples are one such prominent group. This is partly because of the lovely landscapes and sceneries Sydney has to offer for couples. Its iconic locations would take your breath away and Sydney is also known for its couple-friendly activities like firework shows! This along with many other factors is why Sydney is always one of the top options to be considered as a honeymoon location by many couples around the globe.

Honeymoons are events that usually come only once a lifetime so it has to be a wise choice when a couple picks where to go for theirs. Sydney is a great place if you are looking for an urban location. This city is full of great varieties of hotels, restaurants, spas, and tourist attractions, historical monuments with a fair share of nature and scenic views as well. In this article, we are going to take you through seven romantic locations to visit in Sydney.

Sydney Botanical GardensSydney Botanical Gardens

No honeymoon is going to be complete without great photographs. More than viewing and visiting places with great significance, you need to get away from the rest of the world during your honeymoon to spend enough quality time with your other half. That is one of the main purposes of having a honeymoon – to know your other half better once you are married to them so that you can make little and big plans for the future together as you build your understanding together.

As such, visiting places like the Sydney’s botanical gardens would give you a great opportunity to open up to your partner and to speak with them with the sounds and sights of nature around you offering you calamity and peace. You can take a nice and romantic walk down, looking at the great scenery and the other families who are out there to have a peaceful and lovely time just like you.

Sydney’s botanical gardens are a few kilometres long and it is filled entirely of gardens and alleys which are maintained really well to look fresh and welcoming all year round. Feel free to get lost in this adoring place with your partner as you can set up a picnic anywhere in this place as long as you find your favourite spot in between the flowers and the tropical trees.

The Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour can be a really serene yet beautiful place you should consider visiting in Sydney if you want to have some quality time with your better half. Do not underestimate this harbour and label it nothing much to do around the area but to eat and sight-see. There are a lot more activities and things you can do around in the Sydney Harbour. The scenic views that you get here are also priceless. You can take long and romantic walks down from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all the way down the multiple pathways that you would be spotting along the way. Dinner options are splendid in the Sydney Harbour’s vicinity as nothing beats and nothing can be more romantic than having a dinner cruise by the bay to impress your significant other.

Shangri-La’s Blu Bar

This place does not fall short in any way with the beautiful views it is going to provide you as well. The Shangri-La’s Blu Bar is known to have the best panoramic views in town of the Sydney Harbour. This bar is located on the 36th floor of the royal hotel of Shangri-La, and whilst standing here, you would love the stunning and magnificent views that you can get.

Holding your partner’s hand in one of your hands and holding a fancy cocktail in the other hand, you surely would feel as if the world is really under your feet. This place would mark one of the most romantic moments of your honeymoon trip and it would be one to remember even a few decades down the road.

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House

This is a must see for anyone who is visiting the city of Sydney, more so for couples because the service and the sights you will be getting here would simply make your entire trip. You can sit in for a few performances done up by simply the world’s best orchestras and opera singers and it would be something that you get to see just once in your life time. Pamper your other half with expensive and quality music just for once when you’re out on your honeymoon in Sydney!


Open Restaurants in Sydney

Something you have to do when you go to Sydney for your honeymoon is to visit different open restaurants in Sydney which have a great 360 panoramic view. There are two of such places you can keep in mind, one is the O bar and Dining. This place is placed 47 floors above sea level. Another place you can consider is the Sydney Tower restaurants. In the latter you get both a great open air dining experience along with your own special bar. These places have great deals for you to savour their buffet with a free house pour alongside.

Go on the Jonah’s

At the Jonah’s, you can fly and dine! Yes, with the Sydney Seaplanes, at the Jonah’s you get to take a plane around mid afternoon from the city to lovely sub-urban spots around the city. You get to do this on a seaplane, so yes, you will be taking off and landing on water. On top of that, you get a chauffeured ride back to the city after your buffet when the plane drops you off in the outskirts. This is indeed a rich and luxurious experience to savour.

Arranging a minibus hire for you and your newly crowned spouse will accord you the luxury of sitting back and enjoying your ride while the trained and professional driver takes you around Sydney on your romantic honeymoon. Moreover, it saves you from any hassle associated with finding your own way during your own honeymoon. Taking the public transport doesn’t sound too romantic, does it?

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