School Partnership Programs At Royal Botanic Gardens In Melbourne

School partnership programs are a great way to allow students to learn and gain knowledge, while experiencing the learning process with a hands-on approach. There are various school partnership programs at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne which does just that! Here is some useful information on these partnership programs!

Mentorstudents during school trip in melbourneing program

The mentoring program is a great opportunity for secondary school students to work with younger children in a garden that possesses the greatness of nature. These school students act as young mentors who will guide the younger individuals through the learning process that lays installed for them. It provides them with real work experience and promotes social interaction and communication skills. It also enables everyone to have a better understanding and appreciation of nature, which encourages students of all ages to contribute to the community whenever it is possible.

Secondary school partnerships

Secondary school students may learn about the existence of the many different kinds available plants and trees, the methods that are needed to grow them and it is all done right in the Royal Botanic Garden! The program will be led by an experienced gardening instructor, whose teaching methods are comprehensive and flexible enough to suit the ever-changing module requirements. It costs about 200 dollars per class. Professional development workshops are also available upon request if the school decides to take the learning process to the next level.

Tertiary school partnerships

This is a partnership between the Botanic Garden and various institutes in Melbourne. Students will learn the biological, scientific and educational intricacies of plants and trees. Lecturers and teachers can leverage on the garden’s resources and utilize it to their fullest potential. It costs about 190 dollars for a small class.

Planting treesGardening program

The program is usually organized on Mondays and Tuesdays. Schools can visit the garden once per week and up to a period of six months. The gardening sessions are taught by volunteers and the school students can learn to manage garden pots or grow their own plants. This partnership program increases the student’s decision making capabilities as well as increasing the student’s knowledge and understanding of the connection between food and plants. It also educates participants on the importance of trees and the need to have a sustainable garden. Another aim of the gardening program is to promote and strengthen the friendly ties between the students and volunteers.

Travelling to the Royal Botanic Gardens by car or foot is not feasible for large groups of students and teachers. Hiring a private bus or coach is the more preferred choice of transport and it ensures students reach the garden in a comfortable and timely manner. If you would like to find out more about our coach and minibus hire services, please call or send us an email.

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