Royal Botanic Gardens In Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne was founded in 1846 by Lt. Charles La Trobe. Initially, it was basically a swamp, but was over time developed to become the world-famous landscape that it is today. Currently, the gardens are known for being one of the world’s main centers for horticulture, education and science.

Why visit it?visiting the royal botanic garden melbourne

Most people visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne due to what it stands for. Currently, the garden is used as a place for the conservation and display of a large number of plants, some of which are very rare. It also incorporates a National Herbarium as well as a center for Urban Ecology.

Things to do

There is a lot that can be done at the garden, making it the ideal place to visit when you go to Melbourne. In addition to looking at the amazing variety of living plants, you can also take part in activities such as having a picnic, dog walking in designated areas or simply relaxing in one of the cafes. The venue can also be used for event such as weddings, but this has to be planned in advance.

In addition to the plants, you can also come into contact with a large variety of animals as well. These include birds, turtles and even fish. However, you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to feed any of these. Visiting the garden with a nice camera is encouraged, since you will definitely get some great shots of some of these animals if you are interested in this.

Getting to the Royal Botanic Gardens

Getting to the garden is very easy on account of the fact that it’s centrally located. It is located around 2 Km outside of the city center, and is easily accessible through both public and private means. The exact address of the garden is on Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne. Visitors can also take advantage of a shuttle service which goes round Melbourne every half hour from 9am to 4pm. This costs only $5, allowing one to stop at one of 15 stops including the Shrine of Remembrance located within the garden.


melbourne parking icon

Paid parking is available in the garden. However, the availability of parking is dependent on events occurring in surrounding areas, so you should note this if you plan on using private transport to get to the park.

One of the best ways of organizing logistics to and from the park is through the use of a coach hire. With one, you won’t need to worry about issues such as parking or inflexibility in scheduling. For most tourists, this is the most stress free way of visiting the gardens.

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