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The largest ski resort in Victoria boasts an impressive 7000 beds available to accommodate winter sports enthusiasts.  La Trobe University left behind a working cinema, gym, and indoor sports arena that is now being used by the Mount Buller Community Centre as its home.  These facilities are open year round and there are many things to do on the mountain even when there is no snow on the ground.  The National Alpine Museum can be enjoyed year round as well.

The mountain sees guests throughout the year as mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding are very popular during the warmer months.

Mt. Buller is 250 kilometres from Melbourne and makes for a great weekend getaway.  Using minibus with private driver for your group and all their gear makes for a safe and economical way to gain access to the mountain.  When booking a coach for a trip into the mountains be sure and let the logistics agent know what kind of equipment you will have, ski’s, snowboards, mountain bikes etc.  We have many options in our fleet, trailers, and special racks but we have to know up front so that we can meet all your needs.

Using a minibus or private coach also aligns with the mountains green initiatives for 2015.  Using charter services to travel lowers each persons individual carbon footprint.  In January 2015 the Mt. Buller Mt. Stirling Resort Management team put together the Australian Packaging Covenant. (APC) which places an emphasis on recycling and sustainability.  Help keep the mountain clean and pristine for generations to come.


The Alpine Resort at Mt. Buller is open year round and ski season begins with the first snow.  The climate is an alpine climate with cool summers and cold but not too cold winters.  There are 300 hectares available for skiing.  With runs for all skill levels, whether it is your first time on skis or you are a seasoned professional this extensive resort area has the ideal slopes just for you.

If this is your first time there are a number of ski resorts offering lessons and equipment rental.  If skiing is something you have always wanted to try Mt. Buller is a perfect first step into the direction of Winter Wonderland Mastery.


Snowboarding only came to Mt. Buller in 1987, 22 years after it’s inception.  In 1965 Sherman Poppen in Muskegon, Michigan created the first “Snurfer” half surf board, half snow ski.  Prior to his creation there are reports of soldiers as early as WWI standing sideways on old barrel halves whilst stationed in Europe but credit for the first snowboard or “snurfer” to be brought to the masses goes to Poppen.

Jake Burton Carpenter, founded Burton Snowboards in 1977 and did not bring his boards to Australia until nearly a decade later.  1986 Australia got it’s first taste of snowboarding.  The first couple of years snowboarders were relegated to the north, east, and west slopes as the southern slopes were deemed too steep and too dangerous.  Since the sport has evolved snowboarders have been allowed on all slopes since 1990.

You can get the complete history of all things snowboard at the National Alpine Museum.


Once you have frozen yourself playing outside time to thaw out with fantastic coffee, or some hot cocoa.  There are a number of places to get warmed up on the mountain.  Kaptans Restaurant offers a warm Euro Alpine atmosphere with great wine and warm drinks.  Drakes restaurant is another establishment offering rich flavourful food and should not be missed.

Building-SnowmenBuilding Snowmen

No winter trip is complete without a friendly snowman or snow-woman being built.  Don’t forget your top hat, your corn cob pipe, your button, and your charcoal.  Frosty needs to make an appearance.  Make snow forts, have snowball fights, and play capture the flag and use snowmen as your flag holders.  Beyond the ski’s there are a ton of fun things to do when you take a trip into the snow.  Arm your snowman with icicle swords and take photos.  Have fun, rediscover your childhood, and play play play.



There are 7000 beds available on the mountain, and additional rooms available off the mountain.  There are a number of lodges that specialise in group accommodation.  The easiest way to book these exclusive lodges is by calling 1 800 BULLER.  To see a list of many of the accommodations available both on and off the mountain visit the official website of Mt. Buller.

If you happen to be travelling during warmer months, or if the weather goes crazy for your ski weekend there are a number of resorts set up specifically for mountain bikers.  The official list of recommended resorts that are bike-friendly currently has nine listings.

The National Alpine Museum

Mt. Buller is home to the National Alpine Museum the only alpine museum in Australia.  It was begun in 1999 by winter sports enthusiasts that wanted a place to recognize all things related to skiing and alpine sports.  There are examples of vintage ski gear going back decades, as well as a complete history of how the snowboard began.  Show your support and love for alpine inspired sports by making a stop at the National Alpine Museum.

Mt. Buller is an attractive winter wonderland resort, however it is open for revelry 12 months out of the year.  For a great weekend getaway with friends, or family, or a corporate team building event there is plenty to do.  Call us today at 1 300 301 908 or use our online quote. form now.

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