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Sydney is home to a number of markets spread throughout the city, and if you want to experience the best of authentic local shopping precincts, hit one of these to get treated with farm fresh produce, best artisan delicacies and some exceptional second-hand stuff. It’s the best way to support the local producers for their delicious treats and precious products. A wide variety of items are put on display in front of you, and you can learn new recipes from the live demonstrations. So, if you are looking to grab some tasty gourmet food crafted in your presence, make sure to choose Sydney minibus charter to visit these markets.

Finders Keepers Market

This free event held bi-annually at the CarriageWorks is a big success story in the city of Sydney. Explore a wide assortment of regional modern art and design, with some exquisite pieces that are sure to make things pounce out of the artwork right into the heart. You’ll find loads of things which you may not be able to spot anywhere else, including the stalls from TMOD, Able & Games and Rebound books. This market is certainly one of the greatest mediums for evolving designers. Everything that you see here has been ethically designed, authentic, beautifully produced and crafted with love. One surely cannot miss a visit to this market, while in the city of Sydney.

Paddington Markets

Ever since 1973, Paddington has been drawing some of the best emerging designers in the city with a massive 250 stall mecca of marketing that includes everything brand new and exciting. Moreover, the vintage fare at the Paddington’s is lesser than any of the markets listed below. This community-based market is set up every Saturday with an objective to support local people ardent about their craft.

By visiting and buying a product from this market, you do not only support the emerging designers, but also contribute towards a charity for underprivileged and homeless through the Eddie Dixon Centre funded by the Paddington’s. Over a period of 4 decades, the market has attracted a variety of artistic traders and local designers. With healthy promotion of high-quality local products, the market encourages small Australian businesses to showcase their creativity.

Rozelle Markets

Known to be one of the most inspiring and exciting markets in the city of Sydney for some time now, the Rozelle Markets operate every Saturday and Sunday. Gone are the times when second-hand shopping was all about picking the best out of the junk. Rozelle offers you an authentic shopping experience with everything served from vintage items to antique ones. You’ll find everything from piles of clothing and books to owl ornaments and embroidered flower.

The biggest reason behind Rozelle being a special market is the fact that it has stick to the flea-market tradition over the years, unlike the Paddington and Glebe markets that have surrendered to commercial vintage. Rozelle is truly a place where you can make a treasure out of someone else’s trash.

Surry Hills Markets

Held on the first Saturday of each month, the Surry Hills Markets is set in a casual environment with a virtual street-fashion walk on display with an elegantly-dressed crowd. The Shannon Reserve on Crown Street has got to offer some quality products, as you get a chance to dig up from vintage items by emerging designers and some old junk.

A number of stall-holders work hard to put up a show with almost anything and everything they have got to offer, whether it is a cheaply priced pair of earrings or a pair of jeans. People from all walks of life, irrespective of their status and background, participate in the event to buy some of the most unique things that may not be normally found in the retail stores.

Becky Sharp’s Vanity Fair Markets

Becky Sharp’s Vanity Fair Markets is another monthly market held on the second Saturday of each month, and the entire setup is concealed upstairs in Paddington RSL.  If you are looking for some premium quality vintage stuff at the most amazing prices, this is the place to be. You can get hands on anything from a pearl brooch and classic earrings to vintage hats and briefcases. Get yourself a gorgeous Victorian tea gown for pennies, or grab one of those 60s cocktail dresses for less than $30. This precious marketplace is one of the best-kept secrets in the city, which offers you a chance to buy something antiquely attractive.

Glebe Markets

With an eclectic mix of vintage records, second hand books, classic fashion, factory seconds and unique items by emerging designers, the Glebe Markets has a wonderfully exceptional vibe of its own. It’s kind of a relaxed festive atmosphere with people stretching out on the greens and enjoying the music while soaking up the sun and eating gozleme as the world passes by.

People here are very interactive and you are likely to have a good healthy conversation with a guy selling second-hand records of Bob Dylan. A piece of advice would be to hit the place early in the morning in order to figure out the market in the most comprehensive manner. You never know, you might just get your hands on your desired outfit for a cheap price, before anyone else grabs it.

Balmain Markets

Known to be the third oldest market in the city, Balmain Markets can be found every Saturday of the year down the rear end of Darling Street on the grounds of St Andrews Congregational Church. Most people confuse this marketplace with that of Rozelle, however this is more of an art and craft oriented market than a clothing one. Here you are more likely to find craftworks and local vegetables freshly sown and produced.

Hand-made stuff and bric-a-brac can be found in abundance on the church grounds, while edible items are available inside the church itself. Balmain may not be the biggest market in Sydney, but recent popularity has certainly made this market, a must-visit spot, with plenty to grab.

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