Custom Minibus Tours to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

When two people get engaged the wedding planning begins.  The first few things to consider are the date of the event, and where to hold this event.  Since a wedding will be up there with the most important days of your life where you decide to have your ceremony should be something meaningful to you.

Find the Perfect Venue for your Wedding

There are as many different tastes for venues as their are brides.  Have you dreamt of having a beautiful beach wedding walking down the aisle in bare feet and a ring of flowers in your hair?  Or perhaps you are a traditionalist and would like to hold a formal ceremony inside the halls of an ancient church.  Surrounding yourself with the scent of myrrh and gorgeous stained glass.  Still others may prefer a garden setting with colorful flowers, and lush greenery giving your special day a more whimsical feel.

No matter what your taste or budget there is a perfect venue in Brisbane waiting for you.  The decision to join two lives together is the first of many joint decisions.  Many new couples would like to include their parents, siblings, or close friends in the decision making process.  The best way to choose the perfect venue is by seeing each one.  Walk around the grounds and imagine your guests, and the way you want your day to feel.

Transport Network Australia can help you make this happen.  Hire a minibus and private driver for a custom tour to find your ultimate wedding venue.  Choose up to five different venues for a full day tour to select the right location.  Simply let us know all the places you would like to view and the number of guests that will be accompanying you and we will plan out the most efficient route so that you can maximize your time at each place.  To get you started we have outlined several popular beaches, churches, and gardens for weddings in the Brisbane area.


Brisbane’s bayside beaches are more like the English seaside, with reddish gold sand, and no waves, and are dotted by charming seaside villages making for fantastic wedding photos.  There are several great beaches to visit for a beach wedding.

Lower Moora park & beach in Shorncliffe has a treeline that nearly meets the coastline.  The water is like glass, and the skies are a beautiful crystal blue.  This beach has a childlike whimsical feel with colourful animal wood carvings and sea creature sculptures.

Redcliffe Peninsula has many little bay beaches along its coast.  The farthest northern point is Scarborough Beach, and the prettiest of all the beaches.  Norfolk Pine trees line the beach, and there is a childs park that is railway themed on one side and pirate themed on the other, so if you happen to want a theme wedding you have some pretty interesting possibilities here.

Last is Margate Beach, a little beach with English charm.  Margate Beach is a little bit of a hike to get too but has an adorable 1930s bath house, and a lovely well maintained boardwalk.  This beach is not for everyone but for the right couple it will be wedding heaven.

Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast

The red gold coast of Rainbow Beach is gorgeous especially in the evenings as the colors seem to come alive.  The long stretch of sandy beach that juts out into the water makes for some fantastic photos.  Rainbow Beach is a peaceful setting for any wedding.

Let Transport Network Authority know you would like to take the Beach Wedding Venue Tour.  If you have other beaches you would like to view let us know!  If you see something while driving on the minibus tour please inform your driver, this is your day and your driver will be okay making changes on the go if you see something you can not live without.


For a traditional wedding St. Johns Anglican Cathedral is gorgeous.  St. Johns Cathedral is a Brisbane landmark, with the foundation first laid in 1901.  It has lofty ceilings, sweeping towers, and beautiful stained glass windows.  St. Johns is a sacred place where the couple can exchange vows in front of friends, family and God.

Another beautiful church for couples that would like a traditional wedding is St. Andrews.  They have a seating capacity for up to 350 guests.  St. Andrews can provide music for the ceremony, along with flowers, ribbons, and confetti.  St. Andrews will even provide wedding services on Sundays if the couple has a special reason.

The beautiful heritage-listed Church of Christ Chapel is a fabulous place to hold your wedding ceremony.  The Church Chapel was built in 1881 and shows off the gothic style that was popular at that time.  This church is ideal for couple who would like to have a wedding in a church even if they want to have a non-religious, or civil ceremony.  They have a celebrant available, however they will also allow you to bring your own if you wish.  This churches generous policy and convenient location make it an awesome choice for many couples.  Up to 180 guests can be seated at The Church Chapel.

Something Unique

When you hold your reception at Customs House couples are invited to hold their ceremony at the Riverside Terrace that overlooks the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge.  The Art Gallery Room is the alternative if it rains.  Customs House is a heritage-listed building and they hold nothing back for your event.  They have a red carpet package that will take your special day to the stars.


Boomerang Farm, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast

Fancy a country wedding?  Get hitched at the Boomerang Farm.  Boomerang Farm is a private wedding venue.  It is what they do.  Take a tour of the grounds and bring your dream wedding to life.  Like something out of a fairytale, the barn, the magic garden, the Rainforest Chapel, and the Wood Shed.

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Gold Coast Hinterland

See multiple venues at one stop at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat.  Weddings at the Vineyard has two separate venues, one is Creek Side which has the forest in the background, and the other is in the Front Garden surrounded by vines with hills as the natural backdrop.  The other four venues are part of the Rainforest Weddings package and include Moonlight Crag, a deck overlooking Lost World, Hidden Gully which will bring you in tune with nature.  Lukes Bluff has incredible drama with the Great Dividing Range behind you.  Finally there is a quaint little church by the name of St. Josephs, built in 1858.

When you are creating your custom minibus tour to find your wedding venue we encourage you to use our suggestions to ignite your imagination.  We tried to give you a little bit of everything, indoor venues, outdoor venues, large venues, intimate venues, and unique venues.  Choose up to five stops for your tour.  We will be delighted to take you and your loved ones around Brisbane and beyond in search of the perfect wedding venue.

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