Brisbane Corporate Incentive Trip Ideas for Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital city of the Queensland state, is an ideal tour destination of choice for those looking for a combination of sight-seeing and adventure. Brisbane is known for its islands, beaches and wildlife, all of which are waiting to be explored for your corporate incentive trip. Its central business district will also give you a different feel of the corporate world. When planning your corporate trip to this Australian city, you can include the following sights on your list of options.

corporate retreat at Springbrook ParkSpringbrook National Park

A day-trip to this magnificent sight in Brisbane is something that will leave great memories for you and your colleagues. It boasts of those so-called Glow Worms that can be seen in glow worm caves where more than 10,000 of these species light up the grotto’s ceilings. Springbrook is also known for its breath-taking rainforests and mesmerising waterfalls. It also stands out because of the natural rock arch formation which can be witnessed via Natural Arch. The Twin-Falls Circuit’s sub-tropical rainforest will take you to the next meaningful 2.8-mile walk of your life. If you are planning team-building activities here, a scavenger hunt will be ideal.

Brisbane Story Bridge

This iconic structure is well-noted for its challenging yet scenic panoramic views of the entire city. Among some of the delights you will see once you take the challenge to climb the bridge include the likes of Moreton Bay, Lamington National Park, the Glass House Mountains and not to forget the Brisbane River. Do not fret if you are new to this kind of adventure. There is a climb leader who will walk you through a safer route to this challenge.

It may take you 2.5 hours to finish the entire process but with the 360-degree view of Brisbane, you will find that every effort is well worth it. When you have completed the climb with your colleagues, everyone can feel bonded together and look forward to the challenges in the future in your company and know that you all can conquer them together.

Tangalooma Resort

If you want to explore the cool waters of Brisbane, this spot is recommended. Tangalooma Resort is the home for visiting dolphins looking for a safe place to stay in during the calm, tranquil cold nights. The resort may be laidback especially during daytime but its beauty cries once the dolphins swim to its waters. Wild Bottlenose Dolphins as they are called, these creatures may still be within your reach. Grab the opportunity to hand feed them as they look for a soothing place to stay in for the night. You can also have an access to Moreton Island National Park when you decide to go to Tangalooma.

koala during our corporate retreat tripLone Pine Koala Sanctuary

You know very well that Australia is the country that is famous for koalas. Brisbane has its own sanctuary for these creatures via the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Gliding along the waters, you get to see Southbank’s waterfront and Lone Pine’s iconic sights. Apart from koalas, you will also get a close encounter with sheepdogs, kangaroos and even the very elusive platypus whilst traversing this place. Australian parrots may just pay you a visit as you travel this sanctuary with your colleagues.

Corporate incentive trips to Brisbane can be memorable and exciting. With the sights mentioned above, you can probably start including this Australian city in your list of options and make sure you remember to use a reliable corporate bus provider for your transportation in Brisbane.

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