A Guide To Golfing In Sydney

Sydney is home to some of the best golf courses and golfing facilities in the country, so much so that it is hard to sort out the best from the rest. There are plenty of options available for golfers of all pocket sizes and abilities. Enlisted below are some recommended ones, which can be conveniently accessed when you hire a bus in Sydney.

Royal Sydney Golf Course

Certainly one of the most beautiful courses in the city, the Royal Sydney Golf Course is a scenic charm ranked in top 50 courses down under. It’s not all about the pleasing sight and scenery, but also the challenging holes, making it a competitive one for expert golfers. The abundance of bunkers, along with greens and fairways are in flawless condition throughout the year, and some major competitions and tournaments have been conducted here in the past. Additionally, there are bowling greens, tennis courts, pro shop and a clubhouse as well.

Avondale Golf Course

Located along the Avon Road in Pymble, the Avondale Golf Course is a golfer’s delight for players of all expertise. The entire turf is laid on a charming layout with green fairways and serene environment. The true greens offer enough tricky levels to keep you guessing. The ideal sand bunkers are stuffed with feathery white sand, and hole numbers 10, 11 and 17 are relatively good. For members, week day competitions are held, as well as social play times.

Concord Golf Course

Established in the year 1899, the Concord Golf Course on the Majors Bay Road is one of the oldest courses in the town and considered to be the best one in the city. The ambiance at this venue takes you to a different world, thanks to a well-maintained environment and exceptional conditions. The ideal location and the quality of food offered are perfect for golf days. The club has hosted big championships like Australian Women’s Open, NSW Open and Australian PGA.

Macquarie Links Course

Tucked nicely on the picturesque Macquarie Links Drive, this golf course boasts of smooth greens, spotless surface and challenging holes that are kept in ideal condition throughout the year. The entire concept has been designed by Robin Nelson, and is hardly half an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD. It’s open for members every day of the week, and has additional facilities including a driving range and practicing spaces.

NSW Golf Course

Undeniably one of the best golf courses in the city or even the country, The NSW Golf Course is a private club only for members, although it does allow access to non-members on some weekdays with prior bookings. Each of the holes at this turf is challenging enough to impart that feeling of a championship layout. Besides the golfing facilities, you would feel a certain sense of peacefulness when stepping onto the course. The lush green setting is in a spotless condition for 365 days of the year, and the clubhouse staff is always friendly with the visitors.

Pennant Hill Golf Course

With accurate slick greens and an exceptional array of holes, the Pennant Hill Golf course has a well-maintained turf, regardless of the season. The holes at this venue pose a physical and mental challenge to players of all abilities. Some of the good ones include hole numbers 6,9, 15 and 17. Being a private club, it allows access only to registered members, and the membership fee is a little on the higher side. However, if you want to get that real feel of playing golf like a champion, it’s worth the money for sure!

The Lakes Golf Course

Having hosted some major tournaments like ANZ Open and Australian Open in the recent past, the Lakes Golf Course at Mascot is one of the most naturally constructed and scenic courses in Sydney. This wonderfully nestled golf course has some challenging holes to watch out for, including 8th, 10th and 14th. The ambiance at this venue is quite professional and elite, with flawless condition of the fairways and the greens, which play to their truest potential without getting two-paced.

Asquith Golf Course

The Lord Street in Sydney is home to the most easily accessible golf course in the city with some exceptionally challenging holes suited for a variety of players. With perfect conditioning, layout and scenic beauty, playing at this venue will give you goose bumps. The greens are really fast, and the clubhouse is really pleasant to say the least. It’s not a typically long course, but holes 10th and 13th are judged to be the best ones.  Membership is not a mandatory criterion to enter this place; hence anyone can check-in when they feel like swinging the stick!

Riverside Oaks Golf Course

Just a short drive away from the Sydney CBD, The Riverside Oaks Golf Course is quite popular among the locals. Comprising of 36 holes, this championship course, including both Bungooi and Gangurru are quite challenging with a fantastic layout and priceless experience right from the moment you step in, till you step out. You may also be able to be spot some kangaroos within its vicinity.

Mona Vale Beach Course

Set on the charming stretch of the Mona Vale beach, this fantastic golf course has been groomed with lush greens and rolling hills, along with tree-lined fairways and bunkers, inviting for various range of shots. If you are a social golfer, there can be no better place than this, which does not only please your eyes, but also test your golfing skills. The turf remains in good shape throughout the year, and the clubhouse offers some impressive views from the pavilion.

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