7 Mistakes That You Should Never Make When Using Corporate Bus Services

Transport logistics are important for all commercial institutions. Most of the time, there is always some staff members travelling either for business or for work development purposes. These travels can involve one staff member or a few people while others involve the entire staff force. Whether it is a small fieldwork exercise for a field agent or a massive convention for all the employees, it is important to have your transportation logistics well planned. Most companies would opt to hire corporate bus services when they have activities that require travelling. Because corporate bus services are used so often, it is important that businesses explore the best ways to use such services and avoid making common mistakes when using corporate bus services.

busHiring the bus at the last minute

If you plan to have a business trip or any other corporate event that requires you to hire a corporate bus, make sure that you hire in advance. This way, the corporate bus provider will know your requirements early and can allocate a vehicle for your use. Hiring the bus too late means you risk a chance of not getting the exact vehicle type you need. You can also be able to negotiate for discounts or better prices if you give the early notice as opposed to when you book at the last minute.

Not confirming the number of passengers

When you do not confirm the number of passengers, the corporate bus service provider will not be able to advise you fully on which rental bus type to get. It is also for safety sake that you confirm the number of passengers for a certain trip because exceeding the maximum number possible for a rental vehicle is not allowed by law.

Getting the wrong number of corporate buses

If you book a 50-seater coach and only 20 people show up, then you will be underutilising your rental. However, if you book a 25-seater and 40 people show up, and you proceed to book another 25-seater to accommodate this, you would have been better off getting that 50-seater in the first place. This not only increases the cost, it also disorients the whole trip since people will not be grouped together. Make sure that you confirm the number of buses that you need and that you are maximising its usage.

Forgetting to do research on provider

If you want to entrust the lives of your colleagues to a bus service, you should at least do your homework on the bus company. You can research on their credibility via customer reviews. You can look online for customer reviews. See how long they have been in business and also research on their delivery portfolio. If possible, viewing the rental bus in person will help you know the condition of the bus and help you assess if you are getting the right vehicle for your corporate event.

Not finding out the charges beforehand

If you hire any transport services, make sure that you understand all the charges that they require you to pay for. Find out if you will be charged for the driver separately because some companies do have such separate charging scheme. Find out if you have to pay for overtime, repairs, insurance, and any other charges pertaining to the travelling.

driverNot checking the driver’s credentials and assessing his overall state of mind

As much as you know you are hiring from a credible corporate bus company, you should make sure that the bus driver has the necessary credentials such as a valid driving licence. Also look out for his overall state when the driver arrives because you should never go ahead if you notice that the driver is visibly ill or looks like he is under the influence of alcohol.

Putting economy above safety

When hiring any mode of transport, safety always trumps the need to be economical. If you are attracted by a low price, make sure that the vehicle comes with complete safety amenities and the state of the bus looks good enough to serve your needs for a certain trip.

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