4 Reasons To Visit The Koala Sanctuary In Brisbane

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, set in the attractive parklands beside Brisbane River, is the planet’s oldest and of course the biggest koala sanctuary. Well over 130 of Australia’s much-loved marsupials and other animal species such as dingoes, wombats and the rare platypus call this place home. The sanctuary provides the ideal opportunity for you to see the animals and get up-close and personal with the cuddly creatures. There are several reasons why you should visit the sanctuary:

Cuddle up with Australia’s iconic wildlife

koalaOne of the best reasons to visit the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary is the chance to cuddle with the cutest animals in Australia. Although koala cuddling is banned in New South Wales, it is permitted in Queensland where the koalas can be cuddled for a maximum of 30 minutes each day. Before you visit, you need to know that the time in the designated cuddling area is limited and tightly controlled. The opportunity to embrace the beautiful creatures makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

Get close with other animals at the sanctuary

Visiting the koalas is not the only thing you can do at the sanctuary. If you are especially daring, you can try feeding a lorikeet, petting a dingo or even charming one of the several black-headed pythons at the sanctuary. If you are a kangaroo person, you have plenty of entertainment at the kangaroo reserve where you can enjoy feeding and petting the 5 different species of kangaroos and wallabies.

The bird watching experience is phenomenal

If you love your birds, there are many cockatoos and beautiful Australian parrots, and different Australian birds like emus, kookaburras, and cassowarys – just to mention a few. The Rainbow Lorikeets often fly freely into the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to enjoy meals that have been specially prepared for them. Visitors are allowed to feed these beautiful lorikeets twice a day. If you are a bird lover, it’s more likely than not that you will appreciate the quality of Dog Sheep SHowbird activities you can catch here.

Attend the “Sheep Dog Shows”

The sanctuary is not just about wildlife, you can also visit the small ‘farm’ where you can enjoy “Sheep Dog Shows”. The sheep dogs that perform during thee shows are extremely smart and can perform acts that you would have never imagined! It’s one of the best reasons to bring your family (especially if you have kids) here to catch the shows.

Spending a couple of hours in this beautiful oasis is guaranteed to refresh and relax you after your close encounter with nature. The sanctuary is open from 9 a.m. daily, apart from on major public holidays. There are several guided tours that include daily shows and several exclusive encounters. A coach hire or minibus hire arrangement will be the best way to visit the Koala Sanctuary if you are in a group. If you would like to find out more about our coach and minibus hire services, please call or send us an email.

Watch this great video about the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and you’ll know what we mean!

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