10 Exciting Events In Brisbane During May 2017

Irrespective of your age or interests, the city of Brisbane has got everything from festivals to street markets to exhibitions to capture your imaginations. If you are planning a trip to the city this May, here are some of the events you can attend. If you need transport for your travel group, you can also count on our Brisbane bus charter services for a comfortable and affordable ride.

Samford and Surrounds Art Trail and Open Studios

If you have never experienced entering an artist’s studio and witness creative operations unfolding, this is an opportunity to check out 2017 Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studios on the 5th of May. This initiative by Creative Samford Inc offers a fascinating chance to watch masterpieces by local artists in their soothing environments. You are free to explore the breathtaking natural surrounds of Samford, while discovering locally-produced works, including textiles, sculpture and visual art. Pay a visit to the nearby parks and other local attractions, or take up a spot at the Samford Museum for some interesting exhibits.

Redland’s Spiritual & Healing Expo

Known to be the largest Healing Spiritual Expo in the Redlands, the event is due to be the held on the 7th of May in association with Sharks Sporting Club and Bee Free Healing. Showcasing local products and practitioners within the healing and spiritual realms, the expo will be featuring over 30 stall holders and a special guest, Lysa Michle, the spirit messenger. Other notable speakers include Deborah Grice supporting personal transformations and Belinda Hayes talking on guided meditation. Featuring raffles, the event will share information on crystal healing, Reiki, tarot and life coaching.

Comedy Commentary Cinema go A*P*E

When it comes to a purifying experience of trashing terrible cinema, the Comedy Commentary Cinema knows how to get the job done. This screening on the 9th of May is a part of extensive cannon of events around the city by Kristian Fletcher, leaving everyone in stitches. The film this time is A*P*E, which was a production meant to trigger on the release of King Kong. Several plot elements are carbon copies of the story, which led to the change of title. With comfortable seating and wide assortment of beers, it’s an ideal match to watch crimes against cinema.

Sustainability Day at Hillbrook

The sustainability day event at the Hillbrook Anglican School on the 12th of May will be another day of learning about the ways in which you can take part in the sustainability of our planet. People come together as a community to share experiences, knowledge and ideas for a more sustainable way of living. This is a great chance to meet like-minded people and find about latest sustainability innovations. There will be numerous market stalls and live musical entertainment as well, as you learn how to make a difference.

Chris Martin & Michael Griffin: Piss Fartin? Mikey Likey!

Who doesn’t know the vocals behind the Coldplay band. Chris Martin it is! Michael Griffin is another popular name, if you are a fan of American Football. The Mikey Likey on the 15th of May will witness Chris, who has performed at a number of comedy festivals across the country. He’s a comedy mastermind, and a hilarious individual who has gained good reputation for himself. Together with Chris is Mike Griffin, known to be a stalwart of the improve scene. Both of them will be showcasing some of finest comedy acts, the city has got to offer.

Ageing Consciously Retreat

Scheduled to be held from 19th to 21st of May, the Ageing Consciously Retreat is an ideal event for people aged 50 and above, who carry a desire to make the most out of their life. The ageing body and mind can be a setback for anyone, but this unique event gives you a chance to connect with like-minded souls, and learn how to age with purpose. In a relaxed social atmosphere, and under the guidance of friendly facilitators, guests will be participating in interactive workshop sessions, group discussion, meditation sessions, a labyrinth walk and bush walks.

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2017

This fundraising event will happen on the 21st of May with tens and thousands of dogs dragging their hoomans out on a stroll to raise funds for RSPCA. Last year around 37,000 pets were the centre of attraction for the biggest doggy play date. The numbers are expected to be bigger and better this time around. Apart from the 3.5km loop walk, there will be heaps of food, activities and new people to meet.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets 2017

Around 3 decades ago, the city leader Jan Power gave birth to the Farmers Markets, carrying on her passion for fresh local produce and desire to encourage local farmers. These markets are held at four convenient locations including Mitchelton, Manly and the Powerhouse New Farm. These markets are now being organised by her daughter Sammy Power, with a vision to connect public to the farmers. This is where families mingle together offering real sense of community, while appreciating the local produces including organics, plants, poultry, fish, meat, artisan products, breads and flowers.

A Room for Wild Animals – The Workshops Rail Museum

As many as 20 taxidermy wild animals will be on show, giving an opportunity to watch them in close quarters, as well as learn more about the importance of conservation. Featuring bears, deer and big cats, A room for Wild Animals will be a thought provoking exhibition, with some awe-inspiring animals in the flesh.

Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe at GoMA

Starting 27th of May, the Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe will witness the art of the films and comics on display at the gallery. Featuring over 300 pieces from the original comics, props, special effects, costumes and behind the scenes, the exhibition will be the largest ever Marvel exhibit in an art museum. This is a great chance for the movie buffs and the comic fans to view exclusive pieces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given the wide popularity of comic books, this event attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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