10 Exciting Events In Brisbane During March 2018

10 Exciting Events In Brisbane During March 2018

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and as Australia’s third largest city it has a variety of activities and attractions for those who are visiting. Aside from its spectacular resorts, it also has excellent museums, restaurants and bars. Those visiting the city will need a way to get around, and Brisbane bus charter provides the best transport solution where passengers can travel in absolute comfort.

The Lynley Dodd Exhibition

This exhibition features art and illustrations from Lynley Dodd, including more than fifty original works. It includes characters such as Slinky Malinki, Sam Jam Balu and Hairy Maclary. The exhibition will also have information regarding the life of the author, who is world renowned for her stories and illustrations.

Healthy Plants All Year Round

This event starts on March 1st and will be held at Bribie Island. It is a show and tell style presentation which will last about an hour and a half, where garden expert Phil Ryan will teach attendees about his techniques used to maintain plants in an optimal state of health all throughout the year. This includes his “baptism method” which helps pot species thrive. All participants to this event must register in advance.

Free Cardio Class From Medibank

This event will be held until the 28th of March, and will be hosted at the Parklands of South Bank. Attendees will learn a variety of exercises which are designed to boost their cardiovascular health, such as aerobics which are low impact with high intensity. Also included will be a workout designed to burn calories, which incorporates a variety of techniques, including squats, running and boxing. It is a great opportunity to get in shape while meeting new people in the process.

The Libertines

This band has been described by many music industry insiders as being one of the most profound of their generation. The Libertines are a world famous, best-selling band from the UK which is finally making their way to the land down under. Both Australians as well as tourists visiting Brisbane will get an opportunity to see them in March, and it’s an event you don’t want to miss. The band is famous for their distinct tunes, unique style, and hits such as Can’t Stand Me Now and Time for Heroes.

Kite Wishes Project

This event will be held at the City Hall of Brisbane, until April 29th and is free to attend. Visitors will get a chance to create their own kite, add a wish to it and then launch it into the air. This is part of the Mao’s Last Dance exhibition, which honors Li Cunxin, who adored kites and would design and fly them as a child. They would later become a type of metaphor for him, representing his career and life in which he flew above and beyond his impoverished beginnings to reach fame in the world of ballet.

Free Dance Class From Medibank

This event will be held until March 29th at the Parklands near South Bank. Attendees will get to dance while burning calories and socializing with other participants. Basic dance moves will also be taught, including ballet, while incorporating diverse musical styles such as jazz and hip hop. It is a fun event perfect for kids and families where you can get your blood circulating in a fun and relaxing way.

Big Fork Live Comedy

Those looking for laughs and comedy relief will find it here. Held on Thursday nights, the Big Fork is the only Chicago improvisation styled comedy show that you’ll find in Brisbane and as such features some of the top comedians in the area. The bar also has a variety of drinks and attendees who are hungry can grab something to eat at the Supper Red Robin Truck. The acts at the Big Fork are always entertaining and very hilarious, so you want to be sure not to miss it.

Farm Fantastic 2018

Farm Fantastic is without a doubt the top rural retail and trade event in Queensland. It will be held from March 2nd to March 4th at the Caboolture Show grounds, and requires an entry fee. For those who are attending Farm Fantastic for the first time, it is best thought of as an event held in the big city, which has a strong rural emphasis. Hundreds of displays will be present, from both Brisbane based and national Australian firms. Attendees will see all sorts of farm equipment, tools, and other types of devices for livestock, as well as exhibits discussing sustainable development and produce. It is a fascinating event which will appeal to those interested in farming or related technology. It is a very popular event which attracts thousands of visitors each year, both Australian and international.

Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives

This event starts on March 16th and will be held at the Queensland Museum. Participants will get a chance to see a group of mummies up close, actual people who once lived in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, while learning about the culture of Egypt, its society and how its people lived. The event will be prepared by both the Queensland and British Museum and in addition to the mummies will also include hundreds of additional artifacts, such as masks, ancient inscriptions, funeral objects and sarcophagus. CT technology will be featured which will allow participants to see the mummies.

World of Craft Expo 2018

This event will last from March 2nd to March 4th at Gregory Terrace in Bowen Hills. It will give participants the opportunity to visit various craft merchants, where they can view and purchase different types of wool, fabrics and textiles. For those who are looking for a great bargain, they are likely to find it here, and tourists visiting Australia will see numerous types of yarn and wool. There is a fabric for everyone, and you will also get a chance to see the latest merchandise and the newest methods used to create them.

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